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I’ve had bangs for the better part of my life.


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Water Weight

One of main beauty battles is water retention. I’ve for sure committed the sin of Googling my...



Sometimes, you have to take risks to be beautiful. That’s what I did this summer.



I know this may seem like a seasonally inappropriate topic, but it is something I think about on a...

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Some people feel the only way to be truly intimate with someone is being able to share absolutely...

Body Wash or Bar Soap?

Body Wash or Bar Soap?

Here at the Studio, when it comes to beauty, we talk a lot about what you put on your face, but I...

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

My experience with, and knowledge of, exotic beauty ingredients stretches back to the time my sister...

Double Agent

Double Agent

We already know that during the hot summer months, makeup is best applied like clothes – as...

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New Habits

Am I the only who doesn’t have a set beauty routine??

Hair Necessities

Hair Necessities

Personal upkeep is no joke. I’ve been at the studio for just about two months, and already we’ve...


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Do Not Disturb

One day, I’ll have a bright, sunny house and a big bathroom with a huge window. I’ll have a...

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Embrace the Curl

“The bigger the better” became my motto. Au natural became my go to look. It’s...

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Beginner’s Beauty

I know I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to beauty, I’m pretty much an amateur. Which is...

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Root Science

I try new beauty products all the time, constantly searching for that one brand that will clear...

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Beauty on the Brain

It’s amazing to see how the landscape of beauty is changing, and how different companies are...

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

When it comes to makeup, “adventurous” is not necessarily a word I would use to describe my...

Hands Down

Hands Down

Did you wash your hands today? How many times? And did you apply moisturizing SPF after that? Mmmm?...

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In Love with the Coco

I can’t get enough of coconut oil. On my face, on my elbows, mouth “pulling,” and even...