Winter Eyes

Winter Eyes

While I’ve lived in NYC for seven years, I’m from California and every year, I think “this is the year winter won’t feel so unbearably cold.” Never happens. And one...


A Beauty Minute With Ellen

A Beauty Minute With Ellen

Morning: I always wash my face with Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam, super rich and...

French Guru / Laura Mercier

French Guru / Laura Mercier

Today I’m triply excited. First of all because I get to introduce you to French Guru—a new...

beauty mini jade roller garance dore photo

Jade Rolling

The other day I stumbled upon this beautiful object in one of the many Chinese shops near our...

beauty mini laura mercier garance dore photo

Beauty Product of the Week: Laura Mercier

I had yet to find a face illuminator that complimented my skin. I’ve always disliked the texture...



I should start by saying I have never detoxed anything in my life. In fact, until I got strep throat...

mini beauty product of the week bb

Beauty Product of the Week: Bumble & Bumble

I’ve come to find that when it comes to my beauty routines, I seem to have a split between what I...

Fall Face

Fall is here and thinking I’ll go for something a little different – like that amazing...

A New Leaf

A New Leaf

Fall is the best time to play with new beauty looks. The weather is finally cool enough for a matte...

let there be brows garance dore photo

Battle of the Brows

Admittedly, one of my biggest regrets in life (at least in the beauty department) is over-waxing my...


Tooth Terror

Tooth Terror

I consider myself (and my parents) very fortunate I never needed braces. I have also never had a...

problem solver garance dore

Problem Solver

I’ve always had combination skin and one of my biggest challenges is waking up with incredibly dry...

10 Years of Messy Hair

10 Years of Messy Hair

This week, we’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the site – can you believe it?! The...

Living Raw with Mimi Kirk

Living Raw with Mimi Kirk

The saying goes “you are what you eat” – which, when looking at Mimi Kirk, makes...

bad foundation garance dore photo

Bad Foundation

I have a pretty monotonous makeup routine. It typically goes like this: moisturizer > foundation (or...

milk makeup garance dore photo

Beauty Product of The Week: Milk

So first there was powder, and then foundation, and then tinted moisturizer, and then the bb cream,...

skincare survival mini garance dore photo

Skincare Survival

Have you ever returned from a trip feeling like your skin is in dire need of some TLC?