The Most Warm

Can you think of a better way to stay warm than shearling cozy for your hot water bottle?! Green Puff Jacket, Topshop ; Floral Scarf, Gucci ; Shearling Hot Water Cozy, Barneys ; Knit Dress,...


Everybody Jump

Vous le savez, j’adore les jumpsuits et je trouve que l’hiver se prête parfaitement à une...

The Dinner Table

Thinking about all the wonderful dinners to be had now that we know a little bit more about...

Crazy Cozy

It’s hot and cold here in NY, but still getting ready for all the comfy cuddling coming up!?...

travel buddies shopping cart garance dore photo

Travel Buddies

Brie helped us find the perfect travel outfits but what about those other things that are essential...

girls on bikes shopping cart garance dore photo

Girls on Bikes

Sometimes it’s the best way to get around the city. With a helmet of course!

The Black Leather Jacket

The Black Leather Jacket

The leather jacket may be more synonymous than the apple to New York City at this point.

Fashion News #5

Fashion News #5

NYFW Brings City More Revenue Than Super Bowl  An estimated $900 million according to a study by...

title over the knee boots garance dore photos

My Boots

It took me like a storm in December. I suddenly needed a pair of over the knee boots. Weird, because...


Barneys Shoe Floor Shopping Photo

Size Up

One of the things we never talk about when we talk about size is foot size. Mine are pretty large...

Fashionable Inclusiveness

Fashionable Inclusiveness

Who thought those two words would go together?

November in August

November in August

Kids, I’m totally becoming a fashion pro. Get this : Saturday, in the middle of August,...