Valentino : The Time We’re In

Valentino : The Time We’re In

Did you see the Valentino show? (online… on instagram … IRL .. over your friends shoulder at dinner while they looked at the show on their phone?)


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The Most Incredible Thing

I’ve made a point to attend the ballet two to three times a year for a few years now. You get...

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A Nutcracker Life

The Nutcracker has been staged in New York every year since 1954, so to say it is a time honored...

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Taking the Stage

This week, the American Ballet Theater announced a new principal dancer. It’s the beautiful...

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No Filter

In the morning (after approx four hits on the snooze button), the last thing I want to see is...

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Cat & Mouse

This is such a vibrant take on ballet. We’re all kind of in love with this video, and have had...

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At The Ballet Part 2

There was so much to see at the ballet, so we decided to split it across two posts. Here is our...

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At The Ballet

There is something so beautiful and inspiring about the ballet. It’s more than an appreciation...

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Haut Vol

We can’t stop (and won’t stop!) watching this short film from Nowness.

The Del Val #39

The Del Val #39

Behind-the-scenes at New York City Ballet. The passion, the heartbreak, the beauty. Season Two is...

Le Ballet Dries

Le Ballet Dries

Menswear inspired by ballet?? Yes, please.