Affordable Art

Affordable Art

I’ve been settling into my new apartment over the last few months, and while everything is really...

Eric Landon Tortus Copenhagen Wheel Thrown Pottery Garance Dore

Wheel Thrown Pottery

Handmade goods are the best kind of goods. I’m always trying new things and taking new classes...

Beauty in the Unfinished

Beauty in the Unfinished

Imagine a peek into the mind of a Leonardo Da Vinci or Jackson Pollock. Where do they start? What...

robert irwin garance dore photo

Stay Calm : Robert Irwin

Rarely do I plan my weekends, but at the first sign of a warm day, I was on a train to Dia Beacon.

ran ortner artist painting ocean sea


I think my two favorite things might be the ocean and art. I’m endlessly inspired by both, so...

life holiday gift board white garance dore still life layout photos


Here is our final selection of gifts!!! Good timing because this one’s my favorite…

francis bacon late paintings art gagosian pink garance dore

The Late Paintings

I find the work of Francis Bacon completely mind bending. His works are so beautiful, slightly...

museum of feelings art exhibition

Feel It

Maybe one of the most interesting art installations to land in New York recently is the Museum of...

drake burnette marfa texas city guide garance dore photos

Drake / Marfa

Drake and I met almost 3 years ago through our boyfriends, and I think we secretly both thought the...


kava gorna saturday art print flowers garance dore

Brighten My Day!

As winter’s gloomy tones become apparent, the simple pleasure of visiting museums and...

dan flavin art we heart garance dore

Art We Heart

Fall is here, and that’s our favorite season to rediscover everything we love about New York...

embrace egon schiele artist painting garance dore


Asking someone who their favorite artist is, definitively, is a bit like asking what someone’s...

heartbeat art installation charles petillon london

Up In The Clouds

An art installation of white balloons, sculpted into the shape of magnificent clouds housed within...

rebecca dayan artist assumption catherine ahnell gallery exhibition garance dore photos

Color Me Mine

When we heard that Rebecca was having her first solo exhibition at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery just...

amanda shine the setting ceramics garance dore photos

Made By Hand

Amanda Shine is doing something that few people do today — she’s making something with...

tornado art installation garance dore


Tokujin Yoshioka sure knows how to bend a straw… He’s also taking our breath away with his...

walton ford garance dore painting artist

Walton Ford

Have you heard of Walton Ford? The artist famous for this watercolor paintings of animals?...