Amanda Brooks
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Always Pack A Party Dress!

I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Brooks’ style — I’ve taken photos of her at least 2,550 times during fashion weeks (I also visited her apartment in New York) — but now I’m...


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Editor’s Letter / The Old And The New

It’s difficult to make big changes sometimes. Whether it’s the way you take care of yourself,...

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A Chic Mélange

My friend Amanda was recently visiting from her home in Oxford, England. She always looks so chic, I...

At Amanda’s

At Amanda’s

I love Amanda Brooks‘ apartment and her eclectic mix of prints and textures. I love her...

<em>Pardon My French</em>/Hey Ladies!

Pardon My French/Hey Ladies!

Here’s the last New York episode of Pardon My French! Take a look, there’s a lot going...

Fashion Week Essentials #1 The Ipad

Fashion Week Essentials #1 The Ipad

One of the things I see a lot during this fashion week is editors walking around with their iPads....



I really like the Amanda Brooks’ elaborations on simplicity with her style. I always end up...

Et Voilà!

Et Voilà!

You guys are too good ! In three minutes this morning you guessed Amanda’s shoes were from...