Its always nice running into a familiar face – especially in Los Angeles, where things are spread out so you have to drive to see anyone in person, let alone get an idea of what style California style is like (no one walks, no one, so there really isn’t great café people watching)! We met up with Jenni at her shop in Beverly Hills to get an idea of what a cool, relaxed woman looks like on the job.

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Malibu Farm’s Paella

Malibu Farm’s Paella

I didn’t know I loved paella until it found me at my best friend’s wedding in Ibiza. Appropriate considering its origins. It...


The minis

Snap Happy
Let's Talk About

Snap Happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about cameras lately.
annina mislin garance dore photo

Annina Mislin’s Los Angeles

Annina Mislin shared her favorite things about Los Angeles...
new habits mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

New Habits

Am I the only who doesn’t have a set beauty routine??
tickled movie mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About


With no knowledge of the plot or subject, last weekend I saw...
petal to the metal shopping cart garance dore

Petal to the Metal

Taking inspiration from Brie’s metallic story earlier...
heng-shu_garance-dore photo

Studio Find: Heno Shu

I discovered a brilliant new handmade shoe brand that brings...
caroline issa asia typek garance dore photo

Caroline Issa’s London

We asked Caroline Issa for her top 5 favorite things from...

Pajama Party

I still feel a bit cheeky when I wear pajamas in public, like mom let me wear my PJs to school.

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Malibu Dream

Malibu Dream

A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without heading to Malibu and going to one of the places that actually feels like a...


let's talk about The Skin You're In

beauty woes garance dore photo

Beauty Woes

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Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty

alison belilty garance dore photo

Embrace the Curl

everyday oil garance dore photo

Oil Everywhere

free the nipple garance dore illustration

Free the Nipple

root science garance dore photo

Root Science

beauty garance dore illustration

Beauty on the Brain

Smooth Operators

Smooth Operators

The other day, it was gorgeous outside—cool and sunny, the perfect weather for walking to the Studio, the perfect weather for finally wearing…

My mules for the first time.

Well let me tell you right away, it was probably also the last time.

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sansa garance dore photo

The Tie’s the Limit

There is something so instantly chic and put together about a waist tie.




Ahhhhh swimsuit season! It’s finally upon us, and whether or not you’re ready, the crashing waves are calling. We had to take advantage of the California sun, the palm trees, and the vibrant colors...