Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Joey Wolffer grew up on the land that Wolffer Estate Vineyard now exists on. Only back then, the picturesque forest of vines were potato fields that her father Christian saw as an opportunity to make something big. If there is ever an example of risk taking paying off (albeit with a lot of hard work) Wolffer Vineyard is it. Since it was founded in 1988, the vineyard has only evolved – forged by passion, family dynamic, and really good rosé.

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Pardon my french pat cleveland garance dore photo

Embracing Your Freedom: Pat Cleveland

Just saying the name Pat Cleveland is like opening a box of New York dreams to me. New York, Studio 54, Antonio Lopez, Diana...


The minis

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Things We Skyped This Week

Our favorite finds from the Internet this week…
the essentials garance dore

The Essentials

It’s hard to pick just 5 essentials, so fine, I chose...
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Let's Talk About

All the Shoes

And I mean ALL of them – this season at fashion week,...
problem solver garance dore
From the Beauty Closet

Problem Solver

I’ve always had combination skin and one of my biggest...
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All of the Merch

So what’s with all the merch?
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Happy Anniversary!

Even after 10 years of blog, I still love the golden shoes...
Finding Balance Garance Dore
Let's Talk About

Finding Balance

Emily and I had a conversation recently about personal /...
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Let's Talk About

Grow Up

I have this problem.

My experience with, and knowledge of, exotic beauty ingredients stretches back to the time my sister convinced me to let her exfoliate my face with what I later learned were silk worm cocoons and snail excrement. Yeah, I was shocked and disgusted, yet slightly intrigued. What other weird ingredients existed in the realm of beauty?? I try to stay aware of what is inside the products I’m applying to my face and body, and the closer I looked, the more I found that there are some extremely unusual ingredients out there that, if nothing else, make you giggle.

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Ah, vacation. A real vacation. I’d almost forgotten what vacation was. For me the past few years, the ideal vacation was...


let's talk about Paris, je t'aime

Chez Moynat

Chez Moynat

camille charriere cozy days paris garance dore photos

So Cozy!

megan bowman gray hero paris restaurant interiors garance dore photos

At Hero

baylee zwart le meurice paris le soir evening night garance dore photos

Le Soir

diptyque fragrance candles paris interiors beauty garance dore photos


hotel providence paris interiors garance dore photos

Hotel Providence

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At Eymèle’s

Less is More

Minimalism. What could that even possibly mean in the realm of fashion these days? A mere attempt to place an aesthetic and term that was hugely popular with American artists in the 1950s on any attire that is white and sparse? No. Minimalism is much more than that. To the designers that fall into the often over used category, their concentration is in the form and fabrications, while maintaining a discreet sense of beauty in the designs.

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Miu Miu Slipper

Miu Miu Slipper

Call me crazy, but I love the Miu Miu ballet flat. They’re about as man-repelling as it gets, but that might make them even more enticing?!


Sauvage’s Ricotta Dumplings

Sauvage’s Ricotta Dumplings

The only thing better than a beautifully designed restaurant that’s oozing with style and charm is one that also serves, oh I don’t know, ricotta dumplings. We stopped by Greenpoint’s beautiful Sauvage to capture...