Striking & Simple

I love to see how, each season, the industry looks at ways to redefine the classics – forcing us to rethink what ‘timeless’ really means. 
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whatever i want garance dore illustration

Whatever I Want

Ok, so it’s great to be forty, to shout it from the rooftops and to live a life somewhere between eternal adolescence (I’m...


The minis

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Much to Brie and Erik’s dismay, we made the switch from...

Off Duty

Giving the military coat trend a go. Let’s get in...
mini beauty product of the week bb
From the Beauty Closet

Beauty Product of the Week: Bumble & Bumble

I’ve come to find that when it comes to my beauty...
pocket pmf stress alison belilty carie packard emily note garance dore photo
Pocket PMF

Pocket PMF: Stress

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance chats with...
garance dore beginners luck mini
Let's Talk About

Beginner’s Luck

Exercise. The eternally unchecked activity on my to do list.

Feeling Conscious

LOVE that so many brands are working to create a more...
vest obsessed garance dore

Vest Obsessed

I have this thing with vests. You can call it my uniform for...
garance dore phillip lim

Garance + Phillip Lim!

This week Garance is recording a very exciting episode of...

Ever since I cut it all off, I’ve been living a real love story with my hair… And with my hair stylist, Clyde. And to think I found him on the internet! Ah, Clyde. There should be a Tinder for hair stylists, I think. Apparently there’s some real romance starting on Tinder these days!
Anyway. I don’t know, I never tried Tinder. I was too afraid someone might recognize me. Hahaha.
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chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

Style Story / Chris

Ok, so it’s a little funny to do a post about your boyfriend. But the first time I met him, before we even spoke, I told...


let's talk about Milano

prada fw16 garance dore milan

Prada Plus One, Part 2: The Show

a day in milano omega time for her watches nicole kidman garance dore photo

A Day In Milan

The Flower Market, Part 2

The Flower Market, Part 2

Marni Flower Market

The Flower Market, Part 1



Chez Valentino

Chez Valentino

Dolce and Gabbana Photo

Dolce & Gabbana

Carine Roitfeld Photo

Le Manteau De Carine

Prada Photo


Labor of Love

Leaves are falling and it’s finally denim season again. That time when every woman can pull out her favorite pair of jeans and rejoice that you longer need to stress about shaving your legs every day…
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morandi new york chocolate bunion recipe restaurant dessert food garance dore photos

Morandi’s Chocolate Budino

Morandi is one of my favorite restaurants in New York. It’s a great American Italian classic, absolutely delicious, and much too busy on the weekends, but great during the week, especially if you go at odd hours...