Tomorrow, we begin a new year. Here is what the stars have in store for all of us in 2016! 
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amanda chase holiday tales christmas garance dore photos

Holiday Tales / Amanda

December, such a magical month! I would turn another year older, we would have two weeks off school, and I got to eat a lot of...


The minis

mini agent nateur deodorant garance dore photo

Agent Nateur

From in the Studio to texts with my friends, so many women...
simplicity city follow button garance dore photo
Follow Button


Simplicity City has become my go-to for creative...
words of a woman garance dore ebonee davis
Words of a Woman

Ebonee Davis

Change in the fashion industry isn’t just about making...
In The Cart


Getting playful with an asymmetric silhouette! Skirt, Sacai...
Paolo Roversi Shoots Acne
Book of Looks

Paolo Roversi Shoots Acne

The Acne aesthetic is generally clean, and minimal, and...
studio playlist long weekend leisure garance dore
Studio Playlist

Long Weekend Leisure

Here in the States, we just had the immense pleasure of...
cat lady stigma the vent
The Vent

Cat Lady Stigma

I’m going to say it — loud and proud — I am a cat...

We have always had quite an unconventional Christmas and that’s just the way I like it!

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erik melvin holiday tales christmas garance dore photos

Holiday Tales / Erik

Christmas was always a solid 24 hours spent with my family, who all lived within three streets of one another.


From the Archives On The Road

vacation garance dore photo


into the wild garance dore photo

Wide Open Road

kazu harry makino blonde redhead horse riding equestrian fall garance dore photos

Run Wild

Upstate team retreat Garance Dore studio photos

Smells Like Team Spirit!

road trip maine neada garance dore photos

Road Trip To Maine

road trip beauty photo garance dore

Beauty On The Road

Southampton Getaway

Southampton Getaway

hitting the highway road trip audrey hepburn garance dore photos

Hitting the Highway

upstate guide travel garance dore photos

Weekend Guide: Upstate

If you have ever wondered what an Australian Christmas is like, I’m not going to lie: it’s a little stupidly idyllic.

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emily note holiday tales christmas garance dore photos

Holiday Tales / Emily

“Are your parents divorced?” A random question to get during the holidays. Of course it never comes from friends and the people who know me well, because everyone who knows me knows that my parents are high...


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