Les Fleurs

It’s so complicated being a woman. You want to be strong, but of course, sometimes you want to be a bit fragile. You want to be feminine, but sometimes a little bit of a tomboy. You want to wear flowers, but above all, you definitely don’t want to be too Little House on the Prairie (I mean, I don’t know about you, but I really want to wear flower prints, I find them incredibly beautiful and so cool, especially since Kurt Cobain did it in the 90s, which were the years when I was a teenager, which doesn’t sound great on the year counter, but does give me grunge cred beyond compare, admit it.)(No?)(so hard to me a woman : you want to have experience and be a badass, but you also want to be twenty years old)

So yeah, we want to wear flower prints, but you also have to kind of rough them up a bit.
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my engagement 4 love hands holding garance dore illustration

My engagement, part 4.

Ok, no more kidding around.
Let’s get serious. The ring! The wedding! The dress!


The minis

Things We Slacked
In The Know

Things We Slacked

Alison: I don’t know why this is so amusing…...
In The Cart

Springing Forward

This subtle Tibi jumpsuit makes transitioning the winter...
Book of Looks


Maybe it is the dreamy summer vibes of silky pink waters and...
Georgia O’Keeffe
A Love Letter To

Georgia O’Keeffe

Dear Georgia, Can I just say, you are such a badass.
sheryl sandberg words of a woman
Words of a Woman

Sheryl Sandberg

Trying to do it all and expecting that it all can be done...
In The Cart

Pattern Play

Feeling inspired to play with with patterns – plaid it...
Conscious Consumption
People Making Things

Conscious Consumption

The fast fashion era is approaching its end. It seems that...
Studio Playlist


Because sometimes a good playlist is the only thing that...

Style Story / Brook

Meet Brook, a man who wears Redwing boots and confidently keeps a pink couch in his living room. If that juxtaposition isn’t foretelling of the type of guy he is, hearing his Southern charm as he talks of ease, and being economical but making expensive things just might!
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tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

No Sweat

There are two types of people who work out… First, those who look amazing, straight out of a campaign, totally composed...


From the Archives On The Road

vacation garance dore photo


into the wild garance dore photo

Wide Open Road

kazu harry makino blonde redhead horse riding equestrian fall garance dore photos

Run Wild

Upstate team retreat Garance Dore studio photos

Smells Like Team Spirit!

road trip maine neada garance dore photos

Road Trip To Maine

road trip beauty photo garance dore

Beauty On The Road

Southampton Getaway

Southampton Getaway

hitting the highway road trip audrey hepburn garance dore photos

Hitting the Highway

upstate guide travel garance dore photos

Weekend Guide: Upstate

Root & Bone’s Squash Spaghetti

You could say I was an “early adopter” (guys, I am so in on the tech lingo, just ask G ;) to Root & Bone. Josh and I went to eat there the first week they opened and we like to consider ourselves regulars. Truth is we have a bit of an emotional connection to the restaurant—we had our first date at Yardbird in Miami which is another southern spot where the team behind Root & Bone once worked. If you’re in Miami you should go, trust me!
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gloves winter details accessories garance dore photos


It’s FINALLY freeeezzzzing in New York, we were apparently all waiting for it to happen. That moment when you can no longer carry your handbag like a lady without a decent pair of gloves! Ah yes, it’s that time...


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