Before the Show

When I met Sarah two seasons ago during PFW, well, my first thought was “What a stunning woman!” (which of course wasn’t said out-loud!), and my next thought was, we have to feature her somehow! Especially after I found out she is a casting director and also has a farm (apparently we have a thing with farmers here at the studio) – where she is currently awaiting arrival of a dwarf donkey, her latest obsession after her sometimes scraggly but unfailingly cute dogs. 

So, yeah, she’s pretty cool…
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take that garance dore illustration

Take That!

You should see me during my photo shoots these days. Such a pro. No, I haven’t transformed into Karlie Kloss, but it’s...


The minis

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Much to Brie and Erik’s dismay, we made the switch from...

Off Duty

Giving the military coat trend a go. Let’s get in...
mini beauty product of the week bb
From the Beauty Closet

Beauty Product of the Week: Bumble & Bumble

I’ve come to find that when it comes to my beauty...
pocket pmf stress alison belilty carie packard emily note garance dore photo
Pocket PMF

Pocket PMF: Stress

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance chats with...
garance dore beginners luck mini
Let's Talk About

Beginner’s Luck

Exercise. The eternally unchecked activity on my to do list.

Feeling Conscious

LOVE that so many brands are working to create a more...
vest obsessed garance dore

Vest Obsessed

I have this thing with vests. You can call it my uniform for...
garance dore phillip lim

Garance + Phillip Lim!

This week Garance is recording a very exciting episode of...

I have a giant, a great, a super mega crush on Aymeline Valade. And, since I’m the loyal type, this has been going on for a long time. We met her during a Pardon My French shoot — and we all fell under the charm of this tall, beautiful girl with a husky voice. She’s a skater and model, and she’s super smart, adorable, and chill.
It’s been really cool to see her evolve — she’s an actress now and her career has really blossomed, along with her style.
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natasha golden berg street style fashion week garance dore photos


Ok, so we’ve talked about how street style often gets a little crazy during fashion week – and how sometimes the best remedy...


let's talk about Milano

prada fw16 garance dore milan

Prada Plus One, Part 2: The Show

a day in milano omega time for her watches nicole kidman garance dore photo

A Day In Milan

The Flower Market, Part 2

The Flower Market, Part 2

Marni Flower Market

The Flower Market, Part 1



Chez Valentino

Chez Valentino

Dolce and Gabbana Photo

Dolce & Gabbana

Carine Roitfeld Photo

Le Manteau De Carine

Prada Photo



Virgil isn’t your average designer nor was this an average first runway show for his label Off-White. Since I’ve known him, a towering figure known for his work with Kanye West and shop RSVP Gallery in Chicago is, despite the aforementioned, an extremely sweet person to be around – and funny too! Read more

valerie leberichel street style paris garance dore photos

Valerie At Place Beauvau

Garance has known Valerie for years, but the rest of the team only just got to know her during our trip to Paris. She happens to radiate a calmness, even in the chaos of fashion week — and Valerie has that...


Garance Dore Miu Miu Girl In 1

Girl In Miu Miu

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I had the honor of being a Girl in Miu Miu. Basically, the idea is that you get special access to the world behind the brand and you post what you discover to...