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Growing up, the only part-time job I was okay with having was one in retail. I was totally fashion obsessed and retail was the closest I was getting to the industry. The day after I turned 16 I started an after school job at The Limited Too. After that, I worked at a small kids clothing store, and in college I spent two years working at Rugby and then a small men’s store. I learned to have a tremendous amount of respect for people who work retail, and even more for the people who turned retail jobs from high school or college into full blown careers in fashion.

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Mating in Captivity: Esther Perel

Mating in Captivity: Esther Perel

I first got in contact with Esther Perel through her fantastic, fun, and eye-opening Ted Talks. I don’t remember exactly how...


The minis

Snap Happy
Let's Talk About

Snap Happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about cameras lately.
annina mislin garance dore photo

Annina Mislin’s Los Angeles

Annina Mislin shared her favorite things about Los Angeles...
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Let's Talk About

New Habits

Am I the only who doesn’t have a set beauty routine??
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Let's Talk About


With no knowledge of the plot or subject, last weekend I saw...
petal to the metal shopping cart garance dore

Petal to the Metal

Taking inspiration from Brie’s metallic story earlier...
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Studio Find: Heno Shu

I discovered a brilliant new handmade shoe brand that brings...
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Caroline Issa’s London

We asked Caroline Issa for her top 5 favorite things from...

Wild Thing

Have you noticed the effect animal prints have on a woman? A bit more fierce, even without wearing a super high heel. And it seems like the easiest way to wear it is in the form a jacket, followed closely by accessories, namely shoes. It kind of acts as a neutral – considering it’s typically tanned brown and black spots – it isn’t so hard to believe. I used to have a pair of leopard sneakers I loved and wore ’til they were actually unwearable, and spots that weren’t there originally had somehow migrated their way into the pattern.

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Do not disturb diary garance dore illustration

Do Not Disturb

One day, I’ll have a bright, sunny house and a big bathroom with a huge window. I’ll have a vanity in it with all my


let's talk about The Skin You're In

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Beauty Woes

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Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty

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Embrace the Curl

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Oil Everywhere

free the nipple garance dore illustration

Free the Nipple

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Root Science

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Beauty on the Brain

Smooth Operators

Smooth Operators

A Beauty Minute with Corinne

Morning: Most of my skincare routine happens at night. When I wake, I refresh with the Yon-Ka toner. Maybe I’ll put on the regenerator or Liz Earle. For makeup I use Giorgio Armani foundation as a concealer. I’ll tidy my brows with gel, if I’m not working that’s it. I like to wear light makeup if I’m not taking photos. If I’m doing a show or photoshoot, I’ll use the foundation all over, and NARS eye makeup. I like to keep the natural tone in my lips, sometimes we’ll do a bit of lip liner as lipstick, to enhance the tone.

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Hotel Grand Amour

Hotel Grand Amour

Like an impossibly chic great aunt with a naughty side, the Grand Amour is truly something special. If the “colorful” carpets on the five floors of hotel rooms were any indication as to the general direction...