The Traveling Pant

How often do you travel? Once a year? Once a month? Are you gone for a week or just a few days?

Perhaps you are an over-packer no matter the situation and reenact that scene from The Sweetest Thing. You try on everything in your closet and then proceed to throw it all into a suitcase the size of a small apartment, acknowledging you have SO many options and thinking of how you’ll definitely wear that mini sequined slip dress with those sling back mules to brunch.

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Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow

Kitschy? Maybe. Too cute? Possibly. But ultimately there is no better way to be the cat’s meow than by actually sporting a...


The minis

Finding Balance Garance Dore
Let's Talk About

Finding Balance

Emily and I had a conversation recently about personal /...
grow up mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Grow Up

I have this problem.
3 Things I Love About Skaters
Let's Talk About

3 Things I Love About Skaters

Being from California, I’ve always had a soft spot for...
deal breaker mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Deal Breaker

You know those things you just can’t get past, even...
interview chic chopping cart garance dore photo

Interview Chic

Lauren Goodman’s inspiring interview got me thinking about...
things we Skyped this week garance dore mini photo

Things We Skyped This Week

All of our studio obsessions. All of them.
Pocket PMF: Jealousy
Pocket PMF

Pocket PMF: Jealousy

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance sits down...

A Beauty Minute with Lexie

Morning: Water, water, water. I drink lots of it. It makes everything better. I don’t use anything to wash my face besides what comes out of my tap. I usually moisturize twice before I leave the house, once with something like CeraVe, or a similar product meant for really dry skin like mine. I also have a salve I made of cocoa butter, olive oil and coconut oil, which smells like chocolate. I put that on my face, and anywhere else.

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The High Heel Loafer

The High Heel Loafer

We all know how big the loafer has been for a few seasons now. HUGE. Well step aside loafer! It’s time to get to know his...


let's talk about London Town

caroline issa asia typek garance dore photo

Caroline Issa’s London

sketch restaurant london regent street interiors garance dore photos

At Sketch

anya hindmarch studio london garance dore photos

At Anya’s Studio

sheherazade goldsmith style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Sheherazade

Anya Hindmarch Spring 2015 Handbag

Stuck On You

Sandra Semburg Ji Hye Park London Street Style Photo

The Suspenders

Pernille Teisbaek London Fashion Week Sandra Semburg Photo

Long Sleeved

Violane Bernard Photo

Violaine / London

At Palais Garnier

Unless you’ve attended the Stella McCartney show during fashion week in Paris (*which can you believe fashion month is NEXT WEEK! Where did summer gooooo???) it’s possible you’ve never seen inside the Palais Garnier. Built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera, and named in recognition of its opulence and its architect, Charles Garnier, its walls tell more than just the exquisite interiors might suggest.

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The Wonderlust Child: Michael Kors

The Wonderlust Child: Michael Kors

I was at a dinner in Greece when suddenly the music grew louder and Michael Kors started to break out in dance. Full on choreography. I’ve always been very intrigued by Michael Kors. He is so many things...


the break garance dore illustration

The Break

I’ve always loved coffee, I could never go without it.
I’ve always had curves.
I need an hour of calm to wake up in the morning.
I never wear black.
I never go to a restaurant alone.
I’ve always hated