This or That: Nails

When it comes to nail length, we can’t really figure out if there is a trend.

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Making moves

Making moves

Staying active is not only going to the gym, and thank god because keeping up is not always easy come the colder months....


The minis

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Carie: I’ve always been fascinated by pageant culture and...

The Dinner Table

Thinking about all the wonderful dinners to be had now that...
Nailed It
From the Beauty Closet

Nailed It

After several gel manicures, a try at acrylic (just once),...
More Meaning
Let's Talk About

More Meaning

The shopping season has me wondering… As we buy more and...
Art  Imitates Fashion
Let's Talk About

Art Imitates Fashion

A visit to the Neue Galerie on the iconic corner of 5th Ave...

Bright Eyed

Taking cues from Karolina in monochromatic brights! What do...
boot it garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Boot It

It’s the beginning of December which means it’s...
alice waese garance dore photo
In the Know

Cool Collaborators

One of the perks of working in the fashion industry is...

Today I want to present our Wellness section on the site. I want to tell you what it means to me, and why I’m finally ready to share this super personal journey with you.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been trying to feel better.

I told you about my first visits to psychologists, and everything therapy helped me with. But there were tons of other things too. Books – from the stupidest to the most inspiring. Appointments with healers, sometimes, recommended by friends. Incredible moments of truth, and moments of bursting out laughing too.

A constant quest, never complete. With no clear goal in sight.

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nike felldin garance dore photo

Style Story / Nike Felldin

A quiet confidence mixed with an innate ability to acquire vintage pieces you swore were current season, Nike Felldin is...


let's talk about Love Style Life

mini 1 year anniversary photo

1 Year!

the update instagram garance dore photos

The Update

the love gifts 1 aurelie bidermann rose gold ginkgo necklace jewelry garance dore photos

The Love Gifts #1

jenna lyons j.crew love style life book etiquette garance dore videos

Jenna Lyons On Etiquette / Love Style Life



garance dore love style life book interview video emmanuelle alt

Emmanuelle Alt On Style / Love Style Life

love style life book tour club monaco garance dore photos

Next Stop…

diane von furstenberg career video love style life interview garance dore photo

Diane von Furstenberg On Career / Love Style Life

snapchat video chris norton love style life garance dore photos

Snap Happy

In Her Words: Lauren Bastide

Lauren is a journalist. I met her when she was working at French Elle. She was one of the first people to find interest in blogs, to find them fascinating and worthy of attention. We’ve always talked a lot about the media, the press, our roles in all of that. That’s why when she told me she was about to become a host for one of the most famous shows on French television, I thought it would be great, that she would be able to bring a fresh point of view to TV…

One year later, with all of that behind her, she has a whole new project, a whole new perspective, and I thought this would be the perfect moment to tell us a little bit about her year on-screen!!!

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A Beauty Minute With Ellen

A Beauty Minute With Ellen

Morning: I always wash my face with Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam, super rich and creamy and doesn’t dry out the face. I end with cold water to make sure I wake up! (I have a baby girl, so those...


Autumn Hues / Christina Economou

Autumn Hues / Christina Economou

I’m thinking we could all learn a thing or two about monochromatic dressing from Christina’s tonal ensemble.


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