Getting to Know / Sies Marjan

Every city has its own unique characteristics that inspire designers – in New York, it’s a surprisingly colorful mix these days that’s drawing the attention of the stylish masses. Namely Sies Marjan, by designer Sander Lak, who showed his second collection this past Sunday to a crowd decked out head-to-toe in his designs. Designs in so many unusually brilliant colors they could fill a very fashionable crayon box!

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Success from Sharing: Aimee Song + Kat Irlin

Success from Sharing: Aimee Song + Kat Irlin

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Aimee Song and Kat Irlin. You probably know them better by their handles...


The minis

all the shoes mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

All the Shoes

And I mean ALL of them – this season at fashion week,...
problem solver garance dore
From the Beauty Closet

Problem Solver

I’ve always had combination skin and one of my biggest...
mansur gavriel merch garance dore photo

All of the Merch

So what’s with all the merch?
happy anniversary shopping cart garance dore

Happy Anniversary!

Even after 10 years of blog, I still love the golden shoes...
Finding Balance Garance Dore
Let's Talk About

Finding Balance

Emily and I had a conversation recently about personal /...
grow up mini garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Grow Up

I have this problem.
3 Things I Love About Skaters
Let's Talk About

3 Things I Love About Skaters

Being from California, I’ve always had a soft spot for...

Art of Life / Richard Christiansen

The Art of Life is a new series where we introduce you to people who inspire us by the way they live their life. Exploring style, I’ve understood that it’s not just how you layer your clothes. It’s in the way you walk, in the foods you eat, in the people around you, the lifestyle choices you make. The people in this feature have, in some way or another, designed their lives based on their very personal interests, dreams, and choices.

They are the kind of people who write their own rules, tell their own stories, and shape their own futures – and we couldn’t be more excited to learn from them, and share them with you too.


Using the words “one of a kind” to describe Richard Christiansen seems like a disservice. Don’t get me wrong, he is very much one of a kind, but he is so much more than that. A creative, a leader, a beekeeper, an adventurer (as in, he just climbed Everest), a story teller, friend, magician of sorts. He has an anecdote for every occasion and is damn happy to share them with you. And though he has the world under his belt, as well as a successful creative agency called Chandelier, Richard is also pleasantly humble.

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In Her Words / Jessi Klein

In Her Words / Jessi Klein

You know if you’ve read my blog for a while and you feel like you know me (which is totally true: you know me), and if you...


let's talk about Paris, je t'aime

Chez Moynat

Chez Moynat

camille charriere cozy days paris garance dore photos

So Cozy!

megan bowman gray hero paris restaurant interiors garance dore photos

At Hero

baylee zwart le meurice paris le soir evening night garance dore photos

Le Soir

diptyque fragrance candles paris interiors beauty garance dore photos


hotel providence paris interiors garance dore photos

Hotel Providence

eymèle burgaud paris apartment interiors garance dore photos

At Eymèle’s

Velvet Crush

The studio (and by the studio I mean me) is pretty psyched about the cooler temperatures that are fast approaching! Don’t get me wrong summer, you are my most favorite but I’m getting a bit tired of wearing a dang slip dress every single day…You feel me?

With this in mind, I thought it was perfect timing to feature a fabric that is completely inappropriate for summer. Au revoir cute little basket bag, hellloooooooo VELVET!

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Obsessions / Suzanne Koller

Obsessions / Suzanne Koller

As you know, I’m forever and ever inspired by the work of Suzanne Koller. She’s also one of my personal style heroes. I even interviewed her for Pardon My French and was completely star struck. So I’m very...


The Statement Shoe

The Statement Shoe

Ohhhhh shoes with funky adornments! We’ve got the Vetements sock boot with blue lighter cap heel, the Acne mule with gold tree stump heel, and the Prada point toe flat with large silver ball …. feet are feeling...