I’m a big, big, big fan of Cirque du Soleil. Have you ever been?

Anyone who’s seen their shows is like me — they’ve still got stars in their eyes and can talk about it for hours. However, I had trouble with the idea of the circus at first. I remember the circus when I was a child, the weird moments, the sad animals and the clowns who really weren’t funny.

And that’s the great thing about Cirque du Soleil. There are no animals — just performances, beautiful sets, costumes, and mind-blowing music. Everything is immaculate and gorgeous, down to the smallest details. It’s a kind of happy, exuberant perfection that shows you how spectacular a live show can be. And there are clowns, really funny ones.

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The EDIT No.5 / Part 5 – Terribly Nice Jewels

The last stop on our Fall Edit adventure is in the delicate, the sophisticated, the sometimes indulgent pieces of jewelry to...


The minis

Things We Slacked

Things We Slacked

Carie: I’ve always been fascinated by pageant culture and...

The Dinner Table

Thinking about all the wonderful dinners to be had now that...
Nailed It
From the Beauty Closet

Nailed It

After several gel manicures, a try at acrylic (just once),...
More Meaning
Let's Talk About

More Meaning

The shopping season has me wondering… As we buy more and...
Art  Imitates Fashion
Let's Talk About

Art Imitates Fashion

A visit to the Neue Galerie on the iconic corner of 5th Ave...

Bright Eyed

Taking cues from Karolina in monochromatic brights! What do...
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Let's Talk About

Boot It

It’s the beginning of December which means it’s...
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In the Know

Cool Collaborators

One of the perks of working in the fashion industry is...

The Coolest Girl in the Neighborhood

Do you ever get anxiety attacks?

Right now, for example, I’m sitting at a table in a café, my laptop is in front of me, my Skype is on and in constant flow with my team, my phone is next to me, notifications ready to pounce. I have fifty emails waving their red flags at me in a corner of my brain, thirty ideas waiting to be written down somewhere before they self destruct and I’ve just posted a photo on Instagram, which means I’ve got perma-scroll eating away at me.

So as I balance on top of this unending avalanche, I’m writing to you to talk about my stress. Haha.

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What makes us most happy is being able to make you happy – which is what we set out to do when we asked you to tell us what...


let's talk about Love Style Life

mini 1 year anniversary photo

1 Year!

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The Update

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The Love Gifts #1

jenna lyons j.crew love style life book etiquette garance dore videos

Jenna Lyons On Etiquette / Love Style Life



garance dore love style life book interview video emmanuelle alt

Emmanuelle Alt On Style / Love Style Life

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Next Stop…

diane von furstenberg career video love style life interview garance dore photo

Diane von Furstenberg On Career / Love Style Life

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Snap Happy

Studio Visit / Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang is a real New Yorker, not afraid of anything this city throws at her, and more than capable to go after her dreams. The too-cool shearling coats she’s become known for are anything but girlish, despite their pastel hued fluff, and since 2014 she’s managed to stay just under the radar while catching the eye of some of fashion’s most influential. Sweet and spirited, meet Sandy and her neighborhood muse, our friend Sabrina!

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The Smile’s Turkey & Cabbage Salad

The Smile’s Turkey & Cabbage Salad

Well, we made it through Thanksgiving weekend here in the states! Among all of the wonderful things the holiday’s bring, food is arguably one of the best. But after a weekend of indulging in second (and third)...


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The Felt Hat

Raise your hand if you have already fallen into your winter beanie rut! Yup, me too.


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