Voici quelques commentaires qui m’ont fait eclater de rire sur le post de ce matin !!!

Gros bisou !

« Hi Garance,
I have the same problem but this year i’ve discovered the best motivation ever…his name is Adrian and if you could only see him you would understand…il est hiper beau!!! I can tell you that i’m thinking about running a marathon (behind him,of course!) » – Lola

« and, of course, we can always sleep in our yoga pants so there’s an entire night of sleep to get used to the idea of exercise.. » – Tati Lie

« Maybe I should stop pining food pictures and start an exercise inspiration board. :) » – Chereshka

« My most effective method is to just force myself. When I try to find myself excuses not to go to exercise, I just become my own mother and internally (or externally, sometimes) shout at myself, like my mum used to do when I was a teen and couldn’t be bothered going to ballet classes anymore: ELISA YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A CHOICE, YOU’RE JUST GONNA GO AND THAT’S THE END OF IT.
It works :) » – Elisa

« 2 choses qui marchent du tonnerre
mon compte qui s’allége de 80euros tous les mois pour partir chez club med gym
et motivation fatale, attention…
une photo de moi à Rio l’année derniére mon bide qui compéte avec celui de ma soeur enceinte de 4 mois, sauf que moi j’étais pas enceinte…
fatal, ça fou la trouille et hop je cours » – Leila

« Images of Anna Dello Russo in anything » – Alecia

« …My best motivation though is go to try on some new pants in Zara (especially white skinny jeans). When I see myself in the changing room mirror I feel like “if I don’t do something the cellulite will also attack my brain” … and off to pilates. » – Alex