vest obsessed garance dore

Vest Obsessed

I have this thing with vests. You can call it my uniform for the colder months. I love them over denim, paired with a cashmere turtle neck or even a wool jumpsuit. They add the perfect extra...


garance dore phillip lim

Garance + Phillip Lim!

This week Garance is recording a very exciting episode of Pardon My French with the inimitable...

High Up There

High Up There

So, how does it make you feel? That’s what everyone’s been asking me now that giant pictures of...

The Edit No.5 / Part 3 – Manteau Militaire

The Edit No.5 / Part 3 – Manteau Militaire

One of my favorite things about fall is all the possibilities of coats … long, short, puffy,...

The Pearl Earring

The Pearl Earring

While the most valuable pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, and are very rare – in 2016...

Overheard at Fashion Week

Overheard at Fashion Week

It wouldn’t be Fashion Month without the abundance of crazy $h!& people say. Now that the...

zara garance dore

Sustainable Zara

We all have sustainability on our minds here at the studio—it’s something Garance and I have...

How to Build a Brand Your Own Way: Grace Bonney + Anna Bond

How to Build a Brand Your Own Way: Grace Bonney + Anna Bond

I’m so happy to introduce you to Grace Bonney and Anna Bond, though I’m pretty sure you already...


metallic mnz garance dore photo


After rationalizing all those sequins – I quickly found myself falling for the sparkly, bold,...

let there be brows garance dore photo

Battle of the Brows

Admittedly, one of my biggest regrets in life (at least in the beauty department) is over-waxing my...

fig+yarrow complexion water garance dore photo

Beauty Product of the Week: Fig & Yarrow

Some days, no matter how many cups of coffee you have, or how healthy of a lunch you eat, 3PM rolls...

Pocket PMF: Plastic Surgery

Pocket PMF: Plastic Surgery

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance chats with Emily, Natalie and Brie about plastic...

inherent mini garance dore photo


Do we inevitably become our parents?

marina khorosh dbag dating in her words

In Her Words: Marina Khorosh

People always ask me: Do you think it’s still time to open a blog today? And I always respond yes,...

Tooth Terror

Tooth Terror

I consider myself (and my parents) very fortunate I never needed braces. I have also never had a...