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In Her Words / Laura Nolte

Now that the high I’ve been riding from getting engaged is just starting to fade, I’m starting to get more serious about not just my wedding, but my marriage. I want to be married, but...


I Love You

I Love You

How does love start? How does it stay? And what little gestures can change it all? When we started...

Perfect Match

Perfect Match

As a lover of love, I have about a million questions on the subject, and since it’s...

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GARANCE I came to adore this very American holiday that is all about love and gratitude and, with...

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Weddings Be Crazy

Where our new contributor, Lisa (in the photo), tells us about finding THE dress....

Garance Dore Dating Column

Life x Love

Author’s note: Mom, don’t read this. Everything about this guy seemed ideal: he had a genuine...

Dating Column Photo

Love, Sex, Etc.

And here is Megan’s first post – she will talk to us about love and here, she’s...

Your Best Worst Advice / Love

Your Best Worst Advice / Love

And finally, here we go, here’s your worst pieces of advice you sent me to win a t-shirt!!! So...