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Sometimes, you have to take risks to be beautiful. That’s what I did this summer.




Just because I don’t talk about being forty very often doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten—far from...

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The Snooze Button

I think my body may be in hibernation mode… It’s that time of year, when all I want to...

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The Finish

“You know, the important thing is to be finished. If everything is perfect – your nails,...

Stay Put

Stay Put

A beauty secret from our new intern…

The Subway Smoky Eye

The Subway Smoky Eye

How do you feel about applying makeup in public?

I tested it and it’s great !!!

I tested it and it’s great !!!

A few new things have entered my life and they are so cool, I wonder how I was doing it before. Here...

Make it Last

Make it Last

How do you make your makeup last all day?

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Just A Question…How to Take It Off?

I love to put make up on my eyes. A little bit of concealer, a little bit of eye shadow and a lot of...

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Vintage Post / My Red

Today, I want to republish – and to have it translated in english for the first time ! – that...


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Reader’s Mailbox / Laetitia

Today, another Reader’s Letter… Which is actually a text from my sister. “What do...

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10 Degrees of Sophistication

I love London. Why, you ask? Well here you go : We got here yesterday and after an exhausting trip...

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Your Best Worst Advice – Beauty

Onward we march to your best worst beauty advice, because really, I think we’ve all heard such...

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I for sure consider myself coming from a pretty low base camp when it comes to beauty (I wash my...

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Life in New York
Manicure ! Pedicure ! Facial !

It’s funny, the first thing that I realized about New York, apart from it’s gigantitude...

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Things I Only Like in Summer

It’s incredible some of the fashion things I’ll allow myself when the temperatures start...

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I surrender

It always takes me forever to choose which shoes to wear in the morning that I end up skipping the...

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belle de jour

Jacket inspired from the SS09 Balmain show. Last Sunday, I met up with a friend for coffee. She,...