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Doing things alone. On Saturday, I went to a Halloween party ALL ALONE. Okay, not exactly alone, because Chris was playing at the party, but when your guy is on stage, it’s not like he can...


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Everyone Wants to Be Young

Everyone wants to be young It was Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana who said that the other...

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Let’s say I’m about to go on vacation to a place where I’ll have better things to do than take...

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Free the Nipple

The other day, Chris picked up some kind of weird, slightly slimy, flesh-colored thing off the...

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Tomorrow, we begin a new year. Here is what the stars have in store for all of us in 2016! 

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Swipe Right

Noooooooooo, don’t start looking for me, I’m not on Tinder. But I have lots of friends...

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Watch Your Back

“Does my butt look ok?” That’s the number one question my friends ask me when...

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I’m Busy!

Okay so this post has absolutely nothing to do with style or beauty, seeing as this blog is becoming...

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Instagram vs. Real Life

Ummmm, hang on. Excuse me for just two seconds. I can’t talk now, I have to Instagram...

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Pot Time Stories

Ever since weed became legal in some American states, I feel like I’m living in a cloud of...

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Things Parisians Do

Parisians look a lot like New Yorkers: They dress like everyone in their neighborhood but feel like...

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Happy Thanksgiving !

Today it’s Thanksgiving in the USA!!! In other words the national day of the turkey, of...

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Things New Yorkers Do

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I moved to New York. So much has happened in the...

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La Parisienne

To celebrate my arrival in Paris (Man, I’d really celebrate anything) and inspired by your...

A Book!

A Book!

One morning I woke up and my book was right there in front of me. It was amazing. The text was...

I’m Fine With It

I’m Fine With It

The more life goes on, the more relaxed I am with the things I used to try to hide. I’m fine with...

Bitch Talking Shit

Bitch Talking Shit

I love swearing. I say shit, fuck, fucking – as in “That’s so fucking...

Welcome to Planet New York!!

Welcome to Planet New York!!

Not too long ago I talked to you all about Juice Cleanses and some of you were were not too happy....