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I’m Crazy and I’m Owning it.

I finally made one of my dreams a reality and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Probably because I thought it seemed like a thing an obsessive girl would do and I’m...


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Arms Up!

I had the hair on my arms removed!!! PHEW! THERE, I SAID IT. It’s weird, I’d never...

lingerie vs real life fortnight underwear bra garance dore photos

Lingerie vs Real Life

I love lingerie. I love being super comfortable. I love being sexy. I love being casual. I...

the science of sleep garance dore beauty photos

The Science Of Sleep

Somehow living in the city that claims to never sleep can make you all the more aware of how...

ink and skin tattoos elle dee garance dore photos

Ink & Skin

I never took the plunge and got a tattoo, and living in New York, where you see tattooed people...

off our chest boobs lingerie garance dore photos

Off Our Chest

Let’s talk about boobs. Women are defined by countless attributes but, when it comes to the...

cindy crawford anti-gym garance dore photos


I was once a gym fanatic. I would go to the gym religiously, at least five days a week.

bath rituals garance dore photos

Bath Rituals

I could spend my whole life in the bathtub, but since I don’t really have the time for that, I...

The Eternal Beginner

The Eternal Beginner

I just signed up for yoga again. Yep! This has to be the 36th time I’ve stopped and started again....

You Go, Girl!

You Go, Girl!

It’s pretty crazy how non-motivated I am with physical exercise. I’ve NEVER been a...


Let’s Get Physical !

Let’s Get Physical !

The time has come when I’ve started to suffer from an acute case of winter laziness –...

Garance Forgets Everything and Talks About Nothing

Garance Forgets Everything and Talks About Nothing

For once, I was feeling like I was on my game in terms of travel. I actually succeeded in getting my...