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Melissa Bon Photo

A beauty minute with Melissa

“Morning: When I wake up I use a three step routine from Kiehl’s starting with the Ultra Facial Cleanser then the Ultra Facial Toner and to finish the Ultra Facial Moisturizer.


Elisa Nalin Blue Hair

Color Crush

I have the wrong personality for colorful hair. I’m not searching for a compliment here,...

Garance Doré Beauty Photo

Good Morning!

When I say I love having a morning routine, I really love having a morning routine. It’s the...

Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Photo


The hair, the eyes, the brows, the face. It was a total look at Marc Jacobs when the beauty met the...

Langley Hemingway Photo

A beauty minute with Langley

“Morning: I wash my face with Earth Science, you can get it at Whole Foods. I use Alba...

Lauren Young Photo

A beauty minute with Lauren

“Morning: I wash my face with Eve Lom cleanser and then I use Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer...

Garance Dore Short Hair Illustration


It’s been almost four months since I cut my hair. Seriously. Time flies. Since I constantly get...

Magdalena Jasek Photo

Fresh Start

Like Garance (oh yes, this is Alex by the way, promise we’re finding a good way to notify the...

Balmain Silk Perfume Photo

Balmain Hair

I remember when I bought my first designer beauty product and how totally chic I felt. Sure, it...

chrystele saint louis augustin photo

A beauty minute with Chrystèle

“Morning: Most of the time I am very simple, I wash my skin with soap, soft soap, normally from...

The Beauty Checklist

The Beauty Checklist

If my goal in life were to be perfect, I’d be in deep s%#t. It’s a huge job to be perfect. Like...

Ulyana Sergeenko Photo


I love Ulyana’s new haircut – even though she told me that she had to cut it after going...

Audra Photo


I know – same as you: that girl in the picture makes me immediately want to be her, cruising...

I tested it and it’s great !!!

I tested it and it’s great !!!

A few new things have entered my life and they are so cool, I wonder how I was doing it before. Here...

Le Fashion Week Beauty Monster

Le Fashion Week Beauty Monster

I thought I had him under control this time. Fashion Week Monster had been tamed. My wardrobe is...

Dior Beauty

Dior Beauty

The look at yesterdays Dior show was a little bit boyish, a little futuristic and a lot of gold (I...

Instant Beauty: Lolita

Instant Beauty: Lolita

“Morning: I always clean my skin with the Clinique 3-Steps. I only wear mascara on my...