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Garance Doré Hair

My Hair

The more time goes by, the more I love my short hair. One year (ONE YEAR!!!)(it’s the anniversary of when I cut it, I should celebrate, right?) after getting it cut, people still tell...


Short + Curly

Short + Curly

This must be one of the first times I’ve seen a short AND curly cut work so well. In my mind,...

Air Dry

Air Dry

Not only is it time to start prepping our wardrobes for fall, but beauty routines as well. There is...

A beauty minute with Jessica

A beauty minute with Jessica

“Morning: I’ve been told by multiple dermatologists never to wash my face with anything...

The French Braid

The French Braid

It might not actually be French, but I still like it.

Caroline West Blonde Hair Photo

Beach Blonde

Like Garance, I’ve always wanted any other hair color than the brown that sits on my head....

Travel Beauty Garance Dore

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products!...

Au Carré

Au Carré

When it comes to hair in the summer, especially at the beach, I think one of the most beautiful...

Claudia Cifu Hair Photo

Lighten Up

Claudia’s hair is naturally super dark, but for the last six months, she’s been going...

A beauty minute with Caroline

A beauty minute with Caroline

“Morning: I wash my face with Fresh Soy Cleanser. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones....

Laila Gohar Photo

A beauty minute with Laila

“Morning: I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is have some coffee, before I even...

A beauty minute with Julia

A beauty minute with Julia

“Morning: I wash my face with Kiehl’s Gentle Foaming Milk cleanser, then apply a few...

A beauty minute with Maryam

A beauty minute with Maryam

“Morning: I start my day by cleansing my face with Bioderma Crealine. In the shower, I wash my...

L'Oréal Mousse Absolue

A Color Story

Today, I would like to share a video with you that I made for L’Oréal Paris. I’m super happy...

Lou Doillon

French Hair

The tale of my sometimes desperate attempts to achieve that easy, didn’t even try a little...

Luisa Orsini Photo

A beauty minute with Luisa

“Morning: I use Bioderma Crealine. Then I use a little bit of cold water and kind of pat it...

Fendi Earring Photo

Show Off

When it comes to accessories, I’m pretty good at shoes, okay at bags and terrible when it...

Dries Van Noten Faux Bob Fall 2014 Photo

The Faux Bob

I’m having one of those weeks months where I just really need a change. I’m especially...