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Perfect Match

Perfect Match

As a lover of love, I have about a million questions on the subject, and since it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend I decided to distill them down and take them to a love expert....


eyeshadow palette nars makeup garance dore photo

Palette Love

Generally, eyeshadow palettes don’t tempt me. There are too many colors that don’t make...

Tone Deaf

Tone Deaf

I am a terrible, terrible singer. I’m probably the worst you know.

dior photo

Cold Shoulder

I think a bare shoulder is infinitely sexier than an exposed cleavage or a hitched up skirt....

MAC studio fix compact makeup beauty garance dore photo

The Face Fix

Talk about a bad skin day week! My skin has been a disaster zone of late, and I have basically been...

marion cotillard macbeth movie


I have always loved Shakespeare, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear that the always...

spotlight movie review


I didn’t really have “Spotlight” on my movie radar until I saw that both Mark...

chanel beauty makeup look haute couture photo

Double Line

Can we take a minute to talk about that eyeliner at the Chanel Haute Couture Show? So perfectly...

ysl saint laurent black suede heels shoes garance dore photo

My Vintage YSLs

Remember my resolution this year, to not buy any new clothes? So, we’re almost a month deep...

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

No Sweat

There are two types of people who work out… First, those who look amazing, straight out of a...

leonardo dicaprio the revenant movie

The Revenant

Just hand Leo his damn Oscar already. It’s about time. This film, the latest offering from one...

georgia graham street style new york garance dore photos


Ever since G got back from the book tour, she’s been buzzing with positive energy. Ok, so it...

ran ortner artist painting ocean sea


I think my two favorite things might be the ocean and art. I’m endlessly inspired by both, so...

Studio Oscar Picks

Studio Oscar Picks

All of the Oscar nominees for 2016 have been revealed!! You can see the full list here but,...

Pritzker! Pritzker!

Pritzker! Pritzker!

In the world of architecture, being awarded the Pritzker Prize is a little like receiving an Oscar...

Making the Most of Your Closet

Making the Most of Your Closet

And by that, I mean the actual size of your wardrobe. See, it’s a big thing to consider when...

kate moss stand up

Stand Up!

… Because they say sitting is the new smoking. No joke. Has anyone else been hearing about this??...

flinder's lane nyc laksa cocount curry soup recipe restaurant food garance dore photos

Flinders Lane’s Laksa Soup

You might not have heard of laksa, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Seriously,...