Until recently, loungewear was considered an after thought. Something you wore in the comfort of your home (mainly consisting of less than tailored sweats or, quite possibly, nothing at all), free of the judgmental eye of the outside world. But, as of late, there has been a noticeable shift of attention to detail in regards to such garments.

Garance first met Licheng on a trip to Shanghai, and since then we have come to adore her brand, Homeism’s, thoughtful approach to loungewear. Take this robe – loose fitting and eloquently complemented by shawl collars, patch pockets, and delicate piping. Every detail is constructed with such care and respect to the design’s traditional oriental roots. It is impossible not to acknowledge and feel encouraged to keep the style standards I set for myself outside of the home, within it too. Who says I can’t attain the effortless beauty and comfort of modern femininity, inside and out?

Not to mention, a robe this good makes for a chic overcoat on those chilly Spring days!

Silk robe, Homeism