Morning: My beauty routine consists primarily of products that I make myself or ones that are made by friends of mine. I love making my own products because it helps me to know exactly what ingredients I’m putting on my body.

In the morning the first thing that I do is brush my teeth using my bamboo toothbrush and homemade toothpaste which I make using baking soda, coconut oil, stevia, and peppermint essential oil. Then I’ll proceed to wash my face with warm water and an organic cotton washcloth. I’ll moisturize with a number of different oils, ranging from sweet almond to jojoba depending on my mood.

I tend to stay away from makeup unless I am doing something on camera. Since I have very fair skin I usually just put on some blush and a bronzer from Well People and some mascara from Jane Iredale. Otherwise it is just clean skin and moisturizer for me.

During the day: During the day I always keep a moisturizer on hand, typically shea butter, so I can use it on my lips, hands, or even as a highlighter if I need it. I also bring along a stick blush which I just apply with my fingers. If I know it is going to be a long day and I’ll have something to do after being at the office I keep some organic peppermint oil with me to use as a mouthwash later in the day. I toss all of this in to my canvas tote, I’m not a purse person, and that’s really all I need for the day.

Night: When I get home at night I take off makeup using olive oil, an organic cotton washcloth, and warm water. I wash my face with a bar soap made by my friend Tara from Meow Meow Tweet, swap my contacts for glasses, and moisturize with organic oils. From there it’s just teeth brushing and bed!

The most important thing that I learned about my beauty routine from going zero waste is that I don’t need a trillion beauty products to be or feel beautiful. In fact, I only need about five to do everything I want and I can make all of them myself which prevents me from exposing myself to toxic chemicals which are in so many products, helps me avoid unnecessary packaging, and saves me both time and money.