Raise your hand if you have already fallen into your winter beanie rut! Yup, me too.

Beanie’s are great – don’t get me wrong. They’re warm, they’re comfortable, they are everything I want in a winter accessory. But, to be honest, it gets a little old after a while! The beanie becomes less of an accessory and more of a way to hide my hair that I didn’t care to do that day (oops).

And how can I let this happen when there are other perfectly good hats out there waiting for their call to duty? Like the felt hat! It covers all of the same bases and can immediately elevate any thing in your closet from just an outfit to a sophisticated “look.”

I’d pair mine with a chunky knit, perfectly worn in jeans, chelsea boots, and a well-tailored coat! How would you wear yours?

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Felt hat, Lola