Today on Pardon My French, I’m super happy to present you with the wittiest, realest, happiest conversation with Caroline de Maigret and Isabel Marant.
No need to introduce them, Isabel Marant is the designer I would pick if I had to chose one to wear for the rest of my life (a little game we were playing while sitting at the shows) and Caroline has been an inspiration for years : each time I lose my sense of style, I google her name and feel better right away.
Two women that really inspire me!

I chose them because to me they are quintessentially French and Parisian, this mix of elegance, humor, and relaxed attitude towards their image.

And most of all, I wanted to introduce you to them as I know them… So here we are, in the kitchen of Isabel’s Parisian studio. Ok, I’ll let you discover our conversation! Have fun!

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La Parisienne: Isabel Marant and Caroline de Maigret
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La Parisienne: Isabel Marant and Caroline de Maigret
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On finding the positive aspects of instagram 
Caroline: I have instagram. I didn’t really have a choice and it was hard in the beginning because I learned you have to show your face. It’s fun now because its like doing Vogue Magazine or Elle Magazine and now you just do Vogue, Elle and Instagram.
Isabel: The internet is a beautiful thing. There are beautiful people on instagram and there is no barrier between an artist and a managing label. They post a song and they don’t have to pass through labels and it’s just fantastic!! I wish it’s going to happen for fashion because I believe there is a ton of talent and it’s a fast quick way to show your work and your personality by passing through press and a fashion show that costs a fortune. I love this opening window for the world and you can really exchange and find people who have the same ideas as you. I just love it. It’s going to change the world.

On feeling bad for people in the front row of fashion shows 

Isabel: It’s a translation of our society with money ruling everything and people are lost and losing the value of real things and the world doesn’t know where to go — making quick money and being known for nothing. For me, it translates how people are insecure, not feeling well. It touches me a lot because, outside of fashion, i care about social matters and why we do certain things and that’s also speaking about that and there’s a whole social dimension in clothing because it tells you about our world. And it makes me love what I do because there is a relationship with not just trends and fashion and how those translate in our world. I just want to help those people.

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On finding out there’s an age limit to plastic surgery
Caroline: I went to the dermatologist to show them a beauty spot on my ear, last week. So well get naked and let me take a look at everything and said everything is fine. But, what are you going to do about your face? I was like “what?” and he was like, “yeah, you know it’s almost too late because now if we start doing injections it’s going to change the way you look.”

On how aging can be considered a beautiful piece of art 
Isabel: We are not young girls anymore and the best thing you can do is just be happy with what you have and try to be the best version of yourself!
Caroline: Live your life fully, go out with friends, read books, watch movies.
Isabel: I love aging and transforming, it’s an art.

On how being healthy is all about balance
Caroline: When you are fine with pleasure and when you don’t have guilt then you are okay! Which means, when I go out to a very nice restaurant I get whatever I want but next day I know I will have a salad. I just balance. It’s just all about balance. And balancing pleasure and taking care of yourself.
Isabel: I can’t restrict myself on what I eat so instead I will go and run or dance (even dance) because I am stressed and need to balance that out.
Caroline: I also walk everywhere…and carry my groceries up the stairs.. and then every morning while making coffee I am doing small exercises.
Garance: and now Isabel is showing us yoga!! [laughs]

On dealing with stress by smiles
Garance: If you start smiling, without even having a reason why, it sends a good message to your brain and you immediately feel better!

On dating for years but not needing to be married
Caroline: I love the idea. But I can leave tomorrow. I love the idea that he thinks I can leave tomorrow. That belonging to another thing is claustrophobic to me. And having a kid with this man, means I man tied to him forever and everyday it feels new.
Isabel: I was about to get married but we were going to do it for our son and to throw a party for our friends but in the end we scheduled a date and I found out I was pregnant on the day of our wedding date and that would not have been possible since I wanted to party. Marriage is something that is religious and neither of us are religious.
Caroline: I love the idea of loving for love.

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