Last time I Insta-updated you, it was just after Valentine’s Day, so in other words, a really long time ago. Since then, New York Fashion Week happened, then London, then Milan, then Paris, and here we are a month later, back where we started in New York. Let me update you on what happened with my hair since then.

Garance Dore pardon my french photo

In this picture, you’d almost think my hair was good, but never trust a picture (never!) As I was telling you on the blog, my hair is exploding in every direction right now. Anyway, I’m getting used to it, I’m not a haircut perfectionist. But right now, for example, I’ve got about 435,000 bobby pins in my hair in an attempt to keep it out of my face. It’s pretty from a distance, but if anyone tries to touch my hair, they risk losing a hand. And there’s no way I’d go through security at any airport.

So yeah, growing your hair out is kind of a pain.

garance dore studio photo

Oh, speaking of trusting pictures. This one is also a scam. The hand-in-hair super candid shot? Pffff, that day was a very, very bad hair day and I spent a good five minutes with Amanda trying to find a pose that would hide my hair explosion. Yeah. The story of my bangs was not a long one. Absolutely 100% of everyone I meet says they prefer me with my hair back. There goes my dream of having a hip haircut.

Yeah because the real question is: Is it better to look beautiful or cool? At 40, I say beautiful is better. Well, as beautiful as possible, anyway. Hehe.

Enough with the hair talk, let’s move on to ART with this deeply evocative photo I took at the sublime Armani Silos museum. Profoundly inspired by the image of this couple separated by a chain link fence, which is a symbol of…

armani silos photo

Okay, just kidding, let’s move on to shoes.
Right before your eyes, here you have the collection of shoes I brought with me to Paris.
Not bad, right?

garance dore shoes photo

Yep, and do you know how many pairs I actually wore? Four. Out of twelve. Totally worth it lugging two overflowing suitcases all over Europe! I totally screwed up with packing this time, just as I thought I had that thing down, I got over confident. I prepared my outfits last minute and stuffed in a bunch of “just in case” items (—-> things that serve no purpose at all). I even brought two pairs of running shoes. TWO! And I went running…once. I brought two camel coats. TWO!!! Plus a soft pink one that from the distance… Looks like a camel.

Well, at least all those pointless shoes make for a nice photo. And the photo is what really matters these days, right? Who cares if you actually wear the fashion?

Colorz Offices photo

Colorz, the magicians who have been taking care of my website since the beginning, have grown exponentially. They have new gorgeous studios in Paris now, and they really inspired me. We are also expanding right now and I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy. Hiring, analyzing what works and what doesn’t anymore, deciding which new directions to pursue, which ones to leave behind – and all of that while continuing to grow every day.

It’s interesting becoming a business woman a bit in spite of yourself. The day comes when you have to own it. You can either take things seriously, or you slowly stop moving forward.

Colorz managed to take things seriously while also staying true to their playful soul. And I’m not just saying that because they have a foosball table in their office. But because they work from the heart. I’m telling you, they really inspired me. Big love, Colorz…

garance dore canal+ photo

I don’t speak enough of the crazy things that happen to me, things like the experience of live TV. It’s not the first time (I think it’s about my fourth time) and it’s crazy how I’m not feeling stressed anymore (the first time I went to the Grand Journal – one of France’s most famous TV shows, I didn’t sleep all night!). Now, I go, I’m cool, and I actually love it!
I love things that are live because whatever the state you’re in at that moment, suddenly everything goes. You’re totally focused on the present, which is, weirdly, a very zen experience. It’s probably the same thing as performing on stage and that’s probably one of the reasons why I love giving conferences and book signings.

At that moment the phone doesn’t ring anymore, our worries disappear, everything can wait, you give yourself completely. I understand how it can become addictive, but it’s the first time I can put my finger on that sensation.

garance dore aymeline valada photo

…But wipe away your tears, and let’s go back and do a quick visit through one of my hairstyle attempts, because it would be a shame not to share it with you. On the left, the sublime and always perfect Aymeline Valade, and on the right, a weird woman with curly bangs in mid-growing out stage. I know, I know, you’ve already seen this photo on the blog. But I forgot to comment on my uninhibited sheep look!
We couldn’t let that one slide without saying anything, right? Go on, laugh if you want to.
I actually kind of like it. It’s interesting, different.

But getting back to what we were talking about earlier. Not necessarily beautiful. Haha.

garance dore the corner berlin photo

One day, I’ll have a perfect apartment, long, shiny hair, and I’ll laugh (with humility and a touch of shyness), curled on my white sofa.
In the meantime, I’ll show off on other people’s sofas. This one belongs to Emmanuel, who owns the boutique The Corner in Berlin, where I spent a day during fashion week to sign books. I met some great people, and spent an evening drinking white wine and fashion gossiping. There’s nothing more delicious than that, and we know it.

OH YES, there IS something more delicious!

25 hours hotel bikini berlin photo

Getting up super early to have a long, leisurely breakfast all by yourself, no one else, reflecting on Life, that’s totally my thing. Do you ever do that? There’s nothing I love more than taking my time in the morning, reading the news, writing in my journal, texting my sister if she’s up, and daydreaming.

So there you go, a few hours before going back to Paris, that’s what I did that morning in Berlin.


I’ll tell you more about this later because I fell completely in love with all of the gorgeousness and hospitality here, but until then, this is the apartment of Marie Sixtine, where I got to stay during fashion week. I’m becoming a bit of an interior design crazy lady, just sayin’.

bad girls go everywhere photo

Isn’t my pillow great? I love it, but the term “bad girl” annoys me a little. It seems a bit fake-rebel-off-duty-model with a tongue tattoo. But this actually comes from the expression “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”, a quote from Helen Gurley Brown – former editor-in-chief of the very sexually liberated magazine, Cosmopolitan.

garance dore photo

Before I let you go, here’s a photo to show you what I meant earlier, when I said I had 435,000 barrettes hidden in my hair. Yes, I know, this Insta-update surreptitiously turned into a hair update. But what can you do…

Good hair goes everywhere, and I’ve still got a ways to go.

Big kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue