It’s time for my Instagram Update …!!! Woo, you’re about to hear some good ones (G the teasing expert).

I’m letting my hair grow out.
You may not realize it, but what’s happening is happening. My in-between hair makes me laugh a lot (Chris not so much, since my hair looks like an explosion going off every other day) And it’s not–to answer the cries of one commenter, “please don’t fall into the grow out your hair for your wedding category!!!”–to grow out my hair for my wedding (hahahaha, MY WEDDING, it’s so weird to say that.) it’s for an even stupid reason, it’s because my FIANCÉ (no seriously, so weird) really likes the idea of longer hair.
Yeah. Ok. Totally agree with you: Can we judge a woman’s Garance’s freedom by the length of her hair? Help. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW. The fact is, I like that I’m getting some curls back, and if we over-analyze everything, we’d never do anything at all, right?
It’s still possible that I’ll get sick of it and cut it all off again, though. Free once, free forever ;)

I admire how good other people are at organization.
Sometimes on Instagram, I regram, and it’s often when something makes me dream about the girl I’ll never be, the girl capable of organizing her suitcase like a pro. 
Suitcase? What? Didn’t I tell you? I’m in LA!!!
When I talk, I come up with great quotes all by myself. 
That’s how much of a genius I am. Haha, I’m kidding, but it’s funny how, taken out of context, anything can become a quote. And if you’re like me, part of you is so sick of the f*#$@&g sh*@#y #quotes on every third Instagram, and the other part of you is taking screenshots of them and keeping them nice and warm for later (or sending them to friends) because actually there’s something about them that touches you deep down in a way you can’t quite explain, those quotes on life.


The Studio is a garden, thank you, thank you, thank you!
I don’t understand anything about engagement. I’m happy just like that, me!
Fortunately there are people around me to remind me how it’s done. People sending us flowers, bottles of champagne, congratulations. Asking me WHEN we’re getting married. Asking me WHERE. Asking me WHICH DRESS. Asking when my engagement party will be.
Pheeeewww where do I begin?


This is my book in Polish.
Love Style Life is coming out all over the world, in ten languages right now, and more to come. It’s pretty crazy, I’m receiving Instagram photos from all different parts of the world, and I have no idea what they say (the only way I know they aren’t insult Instagrams is because of the emojis haha) but I’m super touched.

Ok, we have to do a little LA update, kids. 
So here we are, Chris and I escaped to LA for a couple of weeks OR MORE. 
First of all because I had work there, but also and most of all to try to get away from the New York winter for a while, since I have to admit, it totally knocked us out last winter.
And the winter before that. And the one before that too. No amount of vitamin E can remedy the misery of a woman and man from the South, raised by the sea in temperate climates, when they have to brave blizzards, snow and the cold for months on end.
Last year, full of good intentions, we even tried to follow our Norwegian friends’ advice by “making a party out of winter” by going to the mountains on the weekend to go snowboarding and cooking at home and…Pffff we didn’t find many other ways to make winter a party, actually. And we kind of ended up losing our minds a little bit, hating our parkas, and even giving our snowboards dirty looks (it’s super cold in the mountains, after all).
So this January, LA. I’m working on a series of posts about life in LA, like RIGHT AWAY cause they’re crazy here.
In the meantime, sublime sunsets every day!!! Vive the West coast!


Butcher’s Daughter is in the house!!!
In LA, everything is healthy, including me. I’m eating well and healthy, I haven’t smoked in two weeks (I’m not a big smoker, but I still occasionally like a cigarette with a glass of wine)(and do I like a glass of wine!), I’m doing Pilates like crazy and when I don’t do Pilates, I ride my bike or go for a run. We’re cooking at home every day, like in an ad for the perfect couple. I even made steel cut oatmeal, guys. INSTANT is NOT good for you. That’s how crazy I am.
I must have had maybe two glasses of wine since I got here.
No, you don’t get it. I always drink a glass of wine. Every day. After work. That’s life, that’s how it is.
But in LA, no. No need. If this continues, 2016 is really going to be my #hotyearYeah right, I’m going to get back to New York and all my bad habits, take out, stuffing my face daily and non-Pilates going are going to come galloping back. Shit!!! And I’m even going to start swearing again! Fuuuuuck.


James’ Beach is in the house!!!
No, nothing, but James’ Beach is in the film I Love You, Man and I love that film. Have you seen it? I love it. Love you, dude.


Love Style Life is in the mega hoooooooooooooooouse!!!
Let’s bring this update to a close with the best most killer news. Love Style Life is a New York Times Best Seller, which is kind of the coolest thing that can happen in the life of a book and its author, especially when you’re French and you can’t believe your eyes. It’s like, the thing I’ll be able to say all my life. Like now, they won’t call me Garance Doré anymore, but New York Times Best Selling author Garance Doré, hahaha. Ok ok, this is getting a bit long. I’ll just tattoo it on my face, then, ok.
I’ll spare you the weepy thank yous (I’m saving that for Instagram, much better for that) but THANK YOU, EVEN SO (tears) and I kiss you on both cheeks.

Talk to you later!

Translated by Andrea Perdue