Although I can only acknowledge the cold weather with a seriously crazy super megaton heavy heart, I can’t help but love the small details that people start adding to their outfits as the new season sets in…

Like my friend Fernanda, who completely embraces the dual role of headphones in the cooler months: to listen to music* and protect her ears from the cold and wind. Bonus points for the really cute color, which is such a nice way to soften the neutral colors that seem to take over everyone’s wardrobes in winter!

What are your favorite winter accessories and details? I’ve started to see some really cute beanies and beautiful scarves around the city, too… 

*Listening to music is a little like wearing armor in New York; no one disturbs you, and you can have your own space to think — it’s G’s trick for surviving crazy days — she always has her signature pair of white Frenz headphones with her whenever she’s walking around the city :)


Fernanda wears Panasonic headphones.

Words: Neada Jane | Photo: Erik Melvin | Styling: Brie Welch