Ok, so it’s great to be forty, to shout it from the rooftops and to live a life somewhere between eternal adolescence (I’m not proud of it, but I’m having fun!!!) and career woman (I’m proud of it AND I’m having fun!) but personally, I feel absolutely no different from when I was thirty (except I’m much less stressed out now)(and my life is cooler)(and I have a better haircut, haha) so I’m a little lost when it comes to knowing what to wear and what not to wear after 30, 40, 50, etc…
Do you know what I mean? Those weird, but dangerously captivating, sections in magazines that separate us into strict categories by decade (Can we talk about “60 and up” for a second? Like — you turn 60 and after that, hey, you shouldn’t even get dressed up anymore, because obviously, well, uh… You’re about to die, right? Ugggghhh that annoys me so much!!! My mother is 60 and she’s gorgeous! And Jane Fonda is almost 80!!!) that make us think there are rules we have to follow, you know?
Aaaaaah, dear age 20. The age when you can do absolutely anything your heart desires and have the most fun ever, but instead you spend your time stressing about the future, I can’t say I miss you much.
My basic theory is this: as long as it’s pretty, there are no rules.
No, seriously.
I think that way because I think women have a mission right now to make our society rethink what it means to get older. Things have changed so much, we can’t be asking ourselves the same questions as before, putting labels, or restricting our way of being when there’s no reason for it. I look at the women who inspire me who are 50, 60, or older, and what I like about them is the power they have to redefine what it is to be a woman at their age. Without having to hide their age.
They make it beautiful, attractive, and exciting.

So, you just have to be clear with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. And have two or three honest friends (“Nope, Garance, that just doesn’t look good.”) to keep you grounded. After that, stop over thinking it.
I tell you this because I surprised myself the other day asking myself this question when I was on my way to get my ear pierced.
I’ve always had (well, ever since I was 20) three piercings in my left ear, and one in my right ear. At one point, I even had a piercing at the top of my ear, but I never really liked it very much. However, the three piercings in my left ear — I’ve always loved them and used them.
But I must have taken too long of a break because the other day, when I was trying to put on a third earring that was super pretty, it just wouldn’t go in. So it was time to go back and get it pierced again…

Is getting your ear pierced really something you can do when you’re 40? Seriously?
I was deep in reflection about piercings (instead of working) when Bella, my friend who’s doing an internship with us right now, stopped by. Bella is 20 and she has lots of ear piercings. Three lobe piercings plus one on the inside of her ear and one on the side, and all of her earrings are super simple and refined. Frankly, it’s BEAUTIFUL. I thought for a second I could do the exact same thing…
And it also made me realize I should stop intellectualizing my life and should go get my third piercing (it’s a really classic piercing, anyway, it’s not like I’m going to get my ears gauged). So I booked an appointment at New York Adorned. THE place to go for piercings in New York, and three days later, I was joking with the piercer who was tattooed from head to toe that it was time to redo my piercing AND redo the 90s – and we cracked up remembering “the good old days” of our rave parties.
Yeah, because being at the piercing parlor reminded me of the time I got my belly button pierced. It was a great time, I had it done in Barcelona completely slightly tipsy after spending all night out. The piercing, however – not the best idea of my life. It’s probably what made me swear off tattoos for life…
On the other hand, right now I kind of want to say fuck it, maybe I’ll get a tattoo after all, just because I can (and also because I follow Dr Woo on Instagram, the best tattoo artist in the world, in my opinion, and if I’m ever near his shop in California, I can’t be responsible for my actions), but then I said to myself: No, Garance, that looks a lot like a midlife crisis. What would you get, anyway, a palm tree like all the girls these days? (Yes, that is what I want, actually)(I know, I know, the older we get, the dumber we are).
Anyway. Enough with the side notes, italics, and writing in small font. You are all going to give me a hard time in the comments again (it’s unreadable!!!) so let’s get straight to the point.
MY THEORY, as a new member of the 40’s club, is this: Do whatever you want, as long as you’re having a great time, and your best friends think it’s a good idea.

Ok now, palm tree tat. Let’s go. ;)