I know, I know. It’s the last week of August. Come on, let’s not even talk about it, we’ll just pretend it’s still July 15th.
I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with summer, and so freaked out about fall. Before, I loved the idea of autumn–wearing coats, drinking hot chocolate–but now, it sends chills up my spine.
I don’t remember where we left off with the summer recap, I just know I had lots of useless things left to tell you, so here we go again…
The most “Back to Basics” moment of the summer
I told Chris I liked camping, and Chris told me he liked camping.

In other words, we tooootally clicked.
A guy who likes dirt and wide open spaces! Yes!
So when we went camping together for the first time, in a “forest” (don’t imagine Lord of the Rings or anything, it was a forest of tiny, dry trees) called Kaibab (yes, it kinda makes you hungry) next to the Grand Canyon, with our tent we bought for $27 at Walmart, we he made a fire, we he opened a bottle of rosé with his bare hands (obviously, we forgot the cork screw) and we he grilled fish (yes, even when we’re camping, we stay chic)(it’s called glamping)(glamour camping, guys) – I told myself it was really easy to be happy.

The most “well alright BUT” moment of the summer 

I wouldn’t have said no to a little night at the Amangiri, not too far, to see just how easy it is to be happy in a breathtaking palace (umm…$2,365 per night, or so)
The most metaphysical moment of the summer
The time when, in the Croatian islands, I finally really admitted that each place has its own specific energy. 
You arrive somewhere, and suddenly something changes in you. My favorite places for calm, creative energy: the Greek islands, the Croatian islands, Arizona, and Rio de Janeiro. For the moment, that’s it – I love lots of other places, but none of the others make me feel quite the same way.
Am I crazy, or have you felt that too?
The most bouncing moment of the summer
The night when, during a little party at my friends’ Marcela and Poli’s house, we had had too much champagne, and we all started listening to Flamenco and she got out her mini-trampoline so we could jump around in the apartment.
Being the naturally nervous girl that I am, I of course expected something to go wrong, but nothing did! It was amazing! Now on top of karaoke I want to add a trampoline at all my parties.
The most surprising moment of the summer
The time when Chris and I decided to move in together! Yes, we’re moving!
But honestly, we’ve been living together for a while now…French style, you know? Not a big deal.
The funny thing is how big of a deal it is to move in together in the US. Everyone is congratulating us as if we were getting married!!!
Americans are too cute. So romantic. I like it.
The moment the most “Ah, the life of a woman, How charming” of the summer
Every time I do a Brazilian. I’m talking about waxing. When I have to put myself in that (indescribable and humiliating) position.
I have friends who tell me: Just do laser hair removal!!! At least you’ll be rid of it once and for all! I don’t know why, but even more scared of going that route.
The most “I still can’t believe it” moment of the summer…
The time when Emily took my book out of her purse!!! My book! Finally in my hands!
It was such a strange moment! I looked at it and thought, it’s cool, so beautiful, I love the cover, it’s printed well, it’s great, I looked at it from all different angles, ok, ok, phew!
It was kind of like my mom when she told me she’d counted my toes to make sure everything was in its right place the day I was born…
I still can’t believe it!!!
The most #healthy #withmyguy #hopeitlasts moment of the summer
The day Chris bought a juicer so we could start “August right” and we made three juices in Gwyneth Paltrow mode, looking at each other like the #perfect #healthy #couple, and telling each other our new life as healthy people was seriously AMAZING.
And it stopped there.
Ever since that day, kale, ginger, and beets, which are “so good for your circulation, can you feel how good they are for you?” have been slowly decomposing (ew) in our fridge.
The most “Let’s calm down with the projections” moment of the summer
Jenna told me I should try other types of bras and I ALWAYS LISTEN TO JENNA.
And with my chest (in case you haven’t noticed, I have breasts) I was always into French-style lingerie – a bit push upy.
If you have breasts, you probably already get the picture. It makes a nice silhouette from the front, but from the side…Hmmm…It pushes them forward too much, it’s a bit too Wonderbra.
I never would have thought a triangle could work on me, so I’d probably never even tried one, but this summer, since I was tired of having my cleavage pop out of my tee-shirts, I decided to go for it. I went to Journelle, bought two amazing Fortnight triangle bras with no underwire, and I discovered…
The pleasure of chestly freedom.
And bras without underwire are INCREDIBLE!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me?!
Sure, they don’t go with everything, since they kind of flatten your chest, BUT, worn with the right clothing, they look really nice, and are also totally sexy. I copied everything from my friend Delphine, who’s completely given up on the idea of hiding her undergarments (it just doesn’t work. You see them anyway) and who wears linen t-shirts (kind of see-through) over her black Cosabella bras. I love it.
And it’s more modern than showing a lot of cleavage. So nice. And that’s why I ALWAYS LISTEN TO JENNA. And Delphine. To my friends, in general.

That’s all for now! Me and my free chest, we send you all lots of hugs and kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue