What are the perfect jeans?
It’s an impossible formula. I’ve tried to figure it out my whole life, in fact. Several times, I thought I’d found the perfect ones. Tight in the right places, loose in the right places. Comfortable but not too comfortable, great wash. I could have worn them every day.
Good thing is, as time goes on, the more I know what I like. I make fewer mistakes.
Here’s my thing: jeans that are a little short so they show the ankles, a low waist because it makes my butt look nice (well, as nice as possible for a girl who misses every other Pilates class) (and I can’t breathe in high-waisted jeans), and slightly flared at the bottom. I have no idea why, maybe it’s just because it’s a tiny departure from the sea of skinny jeans we’re all swimming in – who knows.
But there always comes a time when my perfect jeans end up losing their shape or their color, or sometimes, (sorry, jeans) I just get tired of them. I keep them around, because you can’t totally discard something that’s been so important for you and, every now and then, I’ll take them out for a coffee on the sly – it brings back lots of memories and it’s pretty nice.
But, each time I do, it just confirms that things just aren’t really what they used to be.
There have been times when I was feeling down and I swore off jeans all together. I went with pants and skirts instead, which fit my style of the moment perfectly. I would tell anyone who would listen that jeans were way overrated, you didn’t necessarily need a pair of jeans in your life to have the perfect wardrobe. You could be perfectly happy without them.
But it’s weird, it seems like every time I said that, I’d end up stumbling on a pair of jeans that would make me lose my mind. And each time that happened, I would totally be able to travel all over the world to find them – like this pair of Gucci jeans I’ve been talking to you about nonstop for two months.
Every time, I forget all the things I’ve learned from my former jeans: don’t overthink it, if it’s right, it will come to you. Remember the initial phase only lasts a few months. Don’t tell everyone you’ve found the ideal one unless you’ve been wearing them for at least six months. At least.
So yeah, finding the perfect jeans takes patience. But I always forget. It always feels like the first time all over again. And worst of all, I’m always disappointed when they end up being not as perfect as I thought. Except for this time, I’m pretty sure I’m getting the hang of it.
There’s no such thing as the perfect jeans.
I have one pair that do approach perfection, these MiH jeans I adore, but they don’t have pockets in front, the fabric isn’t very stretchy, and they fade kind of fast. I had to learn to love them as they are. After all, I’m not perfect either. If I’d been more consistent with Pilates, I wouldn’t need my jeans to be stretchier. And if I’d stop washing them every time I wore them, the color wouldn’t fade so fast. 
I also realized that if I wanted my ideal jeans to stay my ideal jeans, I needed to take care of them, pay attention to them, not wear them out, go easy on them. 
Actually, I was talking to my friend Rashida about love (and in the end, aren’t we all talking about love ;) the other day, and I think she’s right: we don’t choose who we fall in love with, but we do choose which one we decide to make it work with.
Maybe if I add pockets to my jeans, and learn to deal with the fact that they’re a little uptight sometimes, I think we could have many happy years together…
What do you think ?