When people think about lines, they usually think about wrinkles. But I want to talk about laugh lines.

They are so special and ought to be celebrated!!

I can’t pretend that I’m my grandmother, who has lived many more lifetimes than me (and laughed for so many more years), but I think she is beautiful. But she is objectively beautiful when her deep lines crack with a smile. I don’t want to get too corny now, but I will: her happy lines speak for the long, loving days she has lived.

And that’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

Those physical indicators, how we should be excited for them to develop and deepen over time. Talking to everyone at the Studio (I work with cool people whose opinions I value, so we talk a lot about things), there was a general consensus: this is one physical aspect we all can’t wait to embrace. Sure, we* might do the Karlie Kloss butt workout to avoid our behinds heading south (hahaha), but the signs of laughter? They’re cool and elegant, a testament to the good things that have come to pass.

I spoke to Beth Bongar, who teaches laughter yoga** here in New York. She shows people how to be joyful through laughter, and she told me how, when you laugh, you naturally take in more oxygen. This encourages the flow of circulation, which is important internally – it boosts the immune system and improves complexion! Even if laughing every day (and Beth recommends at least 30 times a day!) means plenty of lines later on, your skin will overall look more youthful. If only that woman who hasn’t smiled for 40 years knew that…

And Wini, who is pictured above, is a friend of the blog who is in her fifties and has the most genuine laugh. I wanted to show you how amazing her skin looks, even with the happy lines – and she hasn’t worn makeup since the 90s! (I’m not kidding, it’s kind of the philosophy for her skincare line McBride Beauty – that you don’t need makeup.)

Maybe it’s from where I stand right now, but I can’t wait for my happy lines to be visible from a mile away! And you, do you love happy lines? Do you think, like me, that they make people even more beautiful?

* By ‘we’, I mean Brie. But I have been saying I will try it really soon for weeks now!
**Seriously, it’s a thing. And it’s super cool, but a kind of crazy job, right?