Ok, so the year is not over yet, but here are a few things I learned in 2014.

Sometimes our tastes change. Yesterday, I bought a pair of over the knee boots. I sent a photo to my sister, and she said “What’s happening to you?”.


Don’t get too attached to what you think you know about yourself.

You get ideas about yourself, and then you get attached to them, and you end up letting those ideas define you.

You can put yourself into a box.

This year I learned I didn’t know myself as well as I thought. Not easy, but good. (——> Hence the thigh high boots?)

To do at least once a year: vacation with friends. Greece with my friend Carole was pure joy, coolness, whatevering, and partying.

Perfection. I don’t even know what I was doing before.

Hats with short hair is weird. But beanies, on the other hand – are awesome.

The iPhone 6 is great, but hey let’s not go too crazy. Wow, relax. It’s just a phone.

(says the girl whose life is regimented by her phone)

The best investment of 2014.

Is not a bag. I decided to get myself a full body laser session, which is in progress (yes, it’s expensive)(but not that expensive when you think about the cost per “wear” ahah)

The softest legs in the world? They’re soon to be mine!

Do it as soon as you can, it’s really great.

The other best investment of 2014.

It’s not a pair of shoes. It’s my memory foam mattress that made all my back pain disappear like magic. #GrannySideNoteOfThisPost

Writing a book tears everything up along the way, and it never ends. It’s haaaaaaard!!!

Ok though let’s take in consideration that I’ve never been great with long formats. I dropped out of college because I couldn’t even startmy thesis.

For those of you who dream of writing a book, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To be beautiful, you have to:

Sleep. The ideal is 7-8 hours per night. Otherwise my face looks like a Picasso. I rarely get that much sleep, but I’m seriously working on it.

• Have fun. Spending all night dancing from time to time also makes you beautiful. Fun = Glow.

• You just have to find the right balance. And wear total sunblock.

It’s not like you have to go to Art Basel Miami.

I had pretty much sworn off of going back last time (too many people, too much traffic, too many parties, too many Paris Hiltons) but I fell into the trap again this year.

Wow, Band Of Horses is really great!!! Says she, who discovered the band 10 years after everyone. 2015 will be the year where I discover Rihanna, possibly.

Always have music with you.

Playlists on your phone, headphones, and a little boombox for trips.

It changes your life — you sing, you dance without realizing it, it makes you want to go out for a walk, and you can have impromptu parties.

Speaking of parties… Learn how to make your favorite cocktail.

Mine is a margarita (I know — boring, but nothing is better than a good icy margarita) with salt on the glass, please. I’m currently perfecting the art of the margarita, and when we celebrate this blog’s 10 year anniversary (you’ll all be invited, obviously) yours truly will be your bartender.

The better things get, the more I love Christmas Spirit. What’s happening to me?

I am a couch potato.

Now that I have an office, something I hadn’t had for years, since I preferred to work wherever the wind took me, I’m finally sure of one thing: I can concentrate way better when I’m relaxed on a couch. So I’ve progressively abandoned my desk.

So as I’ve always done for 8 years, I’m writing to you from deep in my couch.

Now I have to figure out what to do with my desk. Maybe a margarita parlor?

It’s better to have a small home.

I rushed into moving into an apartment that I’d only seen on photos (cause I was partying in Greece), while waiting to find the apartment that I’d want to buy (let me know if you have any ideas). It’s not very big, but I’ve turned it into the coziest place on earth, and I’ve never felt so comfortable in an apartment in my life.

But having a big home isn’t too bad either

I have a feeling I’m going to stay too long in my super cozy apartment. You know, those temporary things that end up becoming totally permanent?

You can’t do it all.

This year was pretty intense (very intense)(extremely intense) in terms of work. We tried, at the general request of five people, to slip in a Pardon My French in between all our other activities, but the truth is that despite all our efforts, we just had too much to do: the video wasn’t as good as we would have liked.

So we decided not to post it.

You can’t have it all.

Sometimes you just have to let go of making everyone happy. It’s very tough. But it’s probably the most valuable lesson I’ve learned all year.

A big kiss!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue