Let’s talk about boobs.

Women are defined by countless attributes but, when it comes to the body, breasts are the most marked point of difference. They’re a source of delight, disappointment, discomfort… and, over them, women bond. They’re the key to the secret girls’ club.

The relationship we have with our boobs is a personal one. A lot of us feel that ours are too big or too small, or maybe a little uneven. My boobs aren’t big; they sit right in the comfort zone of small-ish. I’m a short skirt, high neckline kind of woman. And I didn’t always like my breasts, but now I really do!

I think this is a struggle for all women — we all deal with a chest insecurity at some point, so I decided to ask the rest of the Studio how they felt about theirs.



How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I love them — even thought it’s always more difficult to get dressed with bigger boobs. With how fashion is cut right now, it always seems that they’re in the way. I wouldn’t change anything though. One day I got very skinny and they started shrinking, and I stopped feeling like myself.

What kind of bras do you like?

I love lace and triangles of course, since it’s the type that’s the most difficult to find for my size — we always want what we can’t have! I found a great brand that does some really cool ones though, it’s called Fortnight, they are beautiful.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Jenna Lyons’s


How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I’m fine with my boobs. I used to desperately want them to be bigger, even looked into those alleged breast-enhancing pills when I was younger. But now I feel more confident, they’re small and I’m just trying to keep them up! ;)

What kind of bras do you like?

I like super simple bras. My favorites are from VPL, they are soft non-wire bras, a more adult version of training bras, which I suppose are made for me. And Valentine NYC makes the most perfect lace triangle style. But more often than not, I just don’t wear a bra. Free the nipple! Hahaha.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?



How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

I’m super happy with my boobs. They’re pretty small but I love them as they are. That said, I’ve recently noticed that they’ve grown even though I’ve lost weight (I know, shut up Emily!), but I’m serious! Hopefully they don’t get much bigger, because then I worry about them sagging when I get older.

What kind of bras do you like?

I love a soft cotton or lace triangle bra—super simple and really comfortable, and I’m definitely not afraid of a little nipple. I hate underwire bras, they dig into my chest (yes, even when I’ve had them sized by a pro). I love Cosabella and COS, and luckily my boobs are small enough that I can pull them off without too much bounce.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Ashley Olsen? Small, but she has a good chest—I’m into it!


How do you feel about your boobs? Would you change anything about them?

Recently, I love them! It’s a new love, but I think smaller boobs are kind of special. They don’t try too hard… they’re just keeping it real! And I never look overly busty in a low-cut top or feel uncomfortable when I exercise. They just feel like me.

What kind of bras do you like?

Most days I wear a cotton bra sans underwire, usually from Xirena or BASE Range (so comfortable and gives great shape). Sometimes I forget the bra altogether, and a couple of days a week it’s a black lace number. Lonely Lingerie has some really pretty ones.

If you could have the boobs of anyone else, whose?

Kate Moss. I mean…


So, there’s a fair amount of boob love in the Studio. But it’s clear that each of us have our ongoing struggles – big or small (boobs) – though this seems to be easing with time. I’m not sure if acceptance of oneself comes more so with age (I definitely feel as though I appreciate mine more and more as time goes on), or if it’s more about the experiences we’ve had. Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

We’ve all felt self-conscious about our boobs. I remember I was at a bar once and met a plastic surgeon. With little hesitation – and after only five minutes of conversation – he said, “If you’re ever in LA, I can do your boobs for a really good price.” Uhhh, excuse me?! It wasn’t said in a generous way, and boobs are a sensitive point. It was upsetting but it was also helpful – it made me realize that I had to love my body, even when others didn’t. I don’t even weigh myself, but that’s a different story.

The common thread in our Studio when we talked about boobs was that we’ve all had crazy (and insecure) thoughts about changing our breasts (Brie considering breast-enhancing pills??) – and I’m sure all women do – but we have also surmounted them. We’ve grown to accept love our own.

It’s not like cutting your hair… when your boobs change, it feels like something is altogether different. I remember when mine first started to grow – it felt so weird and, indeed, I was changing. All women have been there. And, like Garance experienced, some women don’t feel like themselves when theirs shrink for some reason. It goes both ways.

Another change comes on later in life; as Emily mentioned, there’s the fear of sagging… but she talked about how having small breasts alleviates this fear. Sorry, Em, but all breasts sag at least a little bit eventually — and some boobs just naturally sag years (sometimes decades) earlier than others. It doesn’t matter what size or shape.

Buuut there are definitely ways to prevent or slow this process down (can I hear a unified sigh of relief?!). I did some research, and here are some suggested ways to slow down any sagging:
1. A bra that fits perfectly, so that breasts are well-supported but also have breathing space (it’s healthier than squeezing them in, even if it does add a little more bust).
2. No bra (Brie was waaaay ahead of all of us on this one) — I know this sounds at odds with my first point but, if you have breasts that allow, wearing no bra can help strengthen the muscle and tissue of your boobs so that further down the track they are more resilient towards sagging.
3. No smoking — it breaks down the muscle tissue, so things do get saggier.
4. Workout.
There are more ideas out there, but these seemed to be the most widely supported. These are things you can do to maintain your breasts, but I like to think I would be happy with mine even once there’s a bit of sag. A new bra every now and then is enough of a transformation – I wouldn’t change them. And it’s nice to know that this is a universal struggle… none of us are alone in feeling self-conscious about this very personal part of our body.

There’s definitely comfort in that. Don’t you agree?
Have you struggled with the same issues and thoughts that we have?


Bra and underwear, Lonely Lingerie; sweater, Banjo + Matilda.