Winter is here! Well, almost.

I’m not a fan of the cold. But the best part is that once the cold comes, you know the holidays are about to begin!

One thing I admire so much about French women is how effortlessly chic they look at parties even if it’s so cold, that there’s snow outside. Meanwhile, I’m still taking off my three layers of coats (I don’t adapt well) and unwinding my scarf! I tend to opt for barely any make up (maybe a bit of eyeliner if I’m really trying) but it always feels lackluster during the holidays, especially at a special event.

So, this year I’ve been thinking about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying a lip color. I am obsessed with love the way that French women use a very natural base of minimal makeup and focus on a perfectly colored-in lip. I asked our very talented friend Tatyana to show me some ways that I could introduce a lipstick into my holiday look but make it look as elegant and effortless as the French do…

I don’t like anything too too bright in the middle of winter (most of my winter wardrobe is black, of course) but I didn’t want anything too gothic either. She came up with this holiday look which is sophisticated but a little more fun for the holidays. It’s a blend of two lip colors by Nars — Mysterious Red and Damned.

What do you think, do you focus more on your eyes or lips?


p.s. I’m Neada, the new Managing Editor at Garance Doré Studio!


– Makeup by Tatyana Makarova, Giuliana wears jacket by JCrew.