Have you noticed that bell bottom jeans are making a come back?

It’s still a micro trend, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to choose to keep hiding behind my skinnies and ask my friends to stop me the day I say something like (“I need bell bottom jeeeaaaans!!! RIGHT NOW!!!”) and even if I’ve kept my favorite ones from 4 (wait, 6?) years ago.

The problem? Well it’s calling for a perfect silhouette and crazy high heels. Let’s not pretend we haven’t noticed the platform shoes hiding under the jeans in the photo. So you find yourself tight in the waist and walking uncomfortably.

As a side effect, you also clean the ground around you, which is not so bad if you think about it, until it rains on you and you become a human mop.

Not so cool.

But you know the drill. First we hate, then we need.

Are you ready for them ?

Photo by Sandra Semburg.