The other day when I was trying to make my impressive pile of hats fit into my microscopic cabinet (why are cabinets always microscopic?) – I thought to myself… “Wait, when was the last time I actually wore a hat?”

When I thought about it, I realized hats aren’t the only thing that used to be a big part of my style that have now disappeared completely. I have also witnessed the slow disappearance of…


I don’t know if it was the heels-at-all-costs trend that made me so brave – (remember the dizzying heights we used to get to?) but I wasn’t afraid of anything. I wore heels like you wear a pair of sneakers, and simply tried to forget in the morning that a few hours later the horrible torture would begin and I would be ready to do anything just to be able to sit down, even if only for a few seconds.
Or end up barefoot.

What happened?

It’s simple: I realized that I was a little crazy. Seriously – because you just can’t spend the day in super high heels without being in pain – it’s physiological. And then wearing flats came in style and I jumped on the bandwagon like my life depended on it.

Ok, sure. I still wear heels a lot.
But I wear them like a reasonable person – in the evening, when I know I’m not going to be walking very much and carrying a million things around. Or during the day for important meetings.
I still love wearing them out at night. And wearing them less often has made it so that when I do wear them, I feel really, really irresistible. Silly, I know.
But you’ll very rarely see me perched on my 12-inch heels taking photos anymore.

What took their place?

Flats!!! Sneakers, super chic ballerina flats like my Valentinos, sandals, slippers, lots of easy and chic things. And on days when I really really want to be taller, I always keep a pair of ballerina flats in my bag – always.

Ok, but that I just can’t do.

Kitten heels. Every time, I want to like them, especially when Emmanuelle Alt wears them (I believe in everything Emmanuelle Alt wears) but they make my size 9 feet look giant and it’s simply a fake kind of grace. I’m better off with my feet flat on the ground so I can jump.

Another thing I can’t do: The boyfriend jeans look – men’s shirt – short hair – flats. That just guarantees someone’s going to say “Hello, sir” and I really do not like that at all, AT ALL.

Oh, by the way, apparently someone noticed my change of heart (well he didn’t notice my hair change, but it’s fine, I’m still very flattered, as this appeared in the T New York Times.

T New York Times Konstantin Kakanias


I used to love hats. I wore them all the time, I have lots of photos of me wearing hats. I thought it was glamorous – and also perfect for bad hair days.
I don’t wear them at all anymore, except in extremely sunny conditions, but in those cases, it’s not about fashion, it’s a matter of survival.

What happened?

It’s mainly due to the fact that I cut my hair and when I try to wear a hat, I feel like a little bird with no hair showing – but also because I was kind of sick of them – they’re really not very practical. They can fly off, you can’t give anyone a kiss without poking someone’s eye out, and you never know what to do with them when they aren’t on your head. It also sometimes made me look too polished, like trying too hard – I know that might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s usually what I think when I see myself in the mirror, so I end up leaving the hat behind and going out bare headed.

What took their place?

Nothing at all, well, actually, a hair cut that I really love. I still love beanies, though…And those are much more flattering with short hair than hats are.

Ok, but that I just can’t do.

Baseball caps. I used to like them to dress down an outfit, but now, with short hair, it’s not even ironic. It just doesn’t work at all.

Short nails.

I used to always keep my nails short, and in optimal moments – short red nails, which to me feel super parisian.
I liked the way they looked, it was easy, and most of all, I was convinced that long nails were not my thing.

What happened?

I don’t know why, but I started letting them grow and only filed them lightly. I started painting them with natural colors and thought it looked really lovely, feminine, and cool. And most of all, I discovered that my nails had a nice shape to them and that having long nails almost made my mitts pass for sophisticated lady hands.

What took their place?

Ah, haha, well, nothing, except a layer of clear polish – and every now and then I go crazy and get a red manicure, and when I do, it’s sublimely sexy, almost too much, and I love it. But I only keep it for two days: with long nails, you really can’t have chipped polish, or it looks super cheap.

Ok, but that I just can’t do.

I tried to do a “fun” manicure the other day because I was invited to a salon who specialized in them. Ok – personally, I’ve never been a big fan of manicures with crazy patterns, I leave that to Zooey Deschanel and Alex who wear them very well. But on long nails, it’s really in bad taste and hopeless and not funny. I kept it for about an hour and then took it all off, my sister is still laughing at me.

My red lip.

It was pretty much my signature before – even my illustrations had red lips.

What happened?

I finally found a way to do my eye makeup! I found a smoky look that fit my almond eyes and I like it even more than lipstick. It’s more mysterious, softer, more everything.
And plus I was sick of leaving red marks everywhere. Eye makeup is much more stable than lip color – it changed my life. No more touch ups!!!

Oh, and one last thing – red in photos is tricky.
Half the time, it gives you a pinched look, and I’m totally against a pinched look.

Ok, but that I just can’t do.

My face at four in the morning after dancing all night. Mascara on my cheeks and smoky eye smudged on my temples – even if occasionally, by accident, all of that smeary mess ended up looking pretty sexy.

My watch.

Before, I couldn’t live without my watch, my beloved steel Rolex that my mother gave me when I turned 18 and it was such a symbolic and special thing.

What happened?

Between my phone keeping the time (and since I have my eyes fixed on it permanently) and the fact that Rolex has become one of the most seen, seen, and over-seen accessories to the point of almost becoming vulgar (the big gold Rolex, let’s just say you have to know how to wear it, right?) I eventually started leaving my Rolex behind in my jewelry box, looking at it fondly and thinking of my mother every time I change jewelry.

What took its place?

Jewelry! Jewelry came back and I got passionately into it – and since I don’t like piling it on, I always felt like my watch was a little too much.

Ok, but that I just can’t do.

I just can’t accumulate too much jewelry. I like the idea, and I think it looks good on other people, but I can only do one piece of jewelry at a time – but I change it every day.

My chignon!

It was the life saver for my unmanageable hair.

What happened?

Well, I cut it all off.

What took its place?

On bad hair days, my new life saver is slicking my hair back with extra violent orange Vivelle Dop gel which smells like fake oranges for three miles around. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen that often – I only use it in extreme situations.

But that I just can’t do.

Run my fingers through my hair. Nope, no way.


Voilà, I think that’s everything, and I still have a real love for men’s shirts, white jeans, red nails, ballerina flats, coats, parkas, silk blouses

What about you? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Are there things you firmly believed in that you’ve slowly left behind?

Translated by Andrea Perdue