“But I’ve been doing that for years!!!!”

You know that feeling, right? A trend pops up, it gets huge and all the sudden you are like wait…waiiiittttttSTOP! I’ve been doing that for forever! Seriously forever. Since like, G-ception.

I don’t really know why, but I’ve always worn my earrings only on one side. We can maybe trace it back to not wanting to look like The Laughing Cow, a very popular cheese in France.
Also, wearing two pairs of big earrings made me feel way too proper.

The thing is, I’m doing it so much that people often tell me, with a horrified look : “Miss, I think you just lost an earring!!!”

Anyways, I found a solution to stop people in their tracks when they’re about to tell me I lost an earring: I wear a big one on one side and a smaller one on the other. That way, you can see the unbalance is not an accident, and everybody’s happy. I mean at least I’m happy.

Here are some of my favorites mix and matched earrings!