It’s the end of the summer, so it’s time for my summer recap, because I miss summer already* and the only way to make summer last a little longer is to talk about summer.

What? I repeated the word “summer” five times in the same sentence?
Yep. As we say in France, when you love something, you don’t count. So here we go, RECAP.

This summer, I…

Was a judge for Project Runway.

It was kind of unbelievable, I agree.

Finding myself on the panel of such a cult show with such famous presenters like Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum (super nice) could have stressed me out to death, but I did what I usually do in those situations: I pretend no one is watching me and promise myself not to watch the show afterward so it’s like it never happened.

It’s kind of ostrich behavior, I agree. But it worked!!! I even managed to say a few words without throwing up my snack (sorry for the visual). So, not bad, right?

Plus, I got the cutest text message in the world from my sister Sacha, who’s 20 years old and not afraid to say it like it is. I say, thank you Project Runway for making my sister Sacha very, very proud ;)


Sacha: So you’re going to be on a show??? That’s huge!!
Me: Yep, it’s true. Project Runway.
Sacha: FUCK That’s huggeeeee
You didn’t tell me!!
You are truly the pride of the family
Soon the city pride
More like national
Me: Ahahaha thank you!!]

Got me some highlights.

Remember when I cut my hair and said that now I would be brave enough to try anything and that my next thing would be to go platinum blonde?
I lied.

I almost did it, though. I went to Clyde’s hoping for sunny highlights (“Put lots of sunshine in my hair, Clyde. Clyde, I want to be blonde!!!”) and when I saw his deer-in-the-headlights look, I lost a little bit of enthusiasm. He suggested that we do caramel highlights instead, which I accepted without hesitation since I love caramel (salted butter caramel).

A little later, I had lovely highlights, and Clyde told me they would get lighter during the summer, which filled me with a suspicious joy**.
And it’s true! Not only did they get lighter, but I also got a tan – and everyone thought it looked pretty, except for my mother who only likes me the way she made me.

Now they’ve gotten so light that I’m on the verge of zebra, but Clyde and I planned ahead for that and we’re going to go back to a darker chocolate color for winter – my caramel highlights will be a good starting point for adding depth (=hair stylist jargon)(but you get the idea, right?)(chocolate fudge brownie)

Summary: I love changing my hair color. Even if it’s very subtle, it’s cool to change colors with the seasons!!!


This is crazy, kids: I live alone.

I would love to tell you more about how I feel, but honestly it’s too soon, so I just wanted to let you know that all your messages were really touching.
And I also wanted to say to those of you who wrote to me who are going through the same thing right now, that you shouldn’t be afraid – just let life flow. Sometimes it’s painful, but we always end up finding our way. And you often end up finding yourself along the way too.

That was just a quick little Psychology Magazine side note, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

(No, but seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!)

I haven’t done the Ice Bucket Challenge (yet).

I thought I might have slipped through the cracks, trying to make myself very small to go unnoticed so no one would challenge me, and I figured that the excitement was mostly over, so I was going to be ok now.

A few people very kindly asked if I would mind if they challenged me and I pretended not to see their texts (sorry @LolaRykiel! I hope you’re not too mad at me!!!) and other people went for it and texted me AFTER they’d already challenged me (“You’re going to hate me, but…”) Yep, @SammyGaga, I hate you, I despise you.

Now, what do you think, should I do it or not? Who should I challenge in return?
(I’ve got 5 hours to decide)

PS = the Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t come out of nowhere, it’s a campaign to support the fight against ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and we can all donate here.

Stopped wearing a watch.

Ok, ok, fine, it’s a very #whogivesafuck piece of information (I mean, except for the watch industry who must be worried that no one really needs a watch anymore because of these damn phones that do EVERYTHING)(like, even in the countryside, people don’t even buy flashlights anymore: they have their phones!!!)(don’t even talk about the map industry now that we have Google Maps!!!)(ok, I’m getting SUPER off topic) but I used to be the kind of person who always, always had the exact time and my watch was always on my wrist, but now time has gotten a little fuzzy and I really like that.

I wonder which watch I’ll fall for next.

Spent 20 minutes in a helicopter.

SERIOUSLY, I MEAN, WHAT! NO, REALLY. It had been on my bucket list for years (not my ice bucket challenge list, mind you) and I had never been in a helicopter before!!!

So this summer, when my family came to see me, we decided to take a ride in a helicopter over New York. For some reason I happened to talk about it to my agent, Walter, and he sent me the following text:

“Oh, but those things crash every two minutes!!!”

So I couldn’t sleep all night (thanks, Walter) even though, logically, I think that if those things really did crash every two minutes, we would hear about it – even so, I spent the night clinging to a helicopter propeller, rescuing my mother from the waves, while trying to save my Saint Laurent bag simultaneously.

The next day, I was a little nervous (and I’d chosen a Zara bag) but in the end, being in a helicopter was much less scary than being on a plane. You feel weightless, the take off is really easy, it’s really pleasant.
AND THE VIEWS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! I posted a bunch of them on Instagram, if you haven’t seen them yet…
Well, that’ll teach you not to follow me. Pffff, come on, seriously.

So anyway, I recommend going on a helicopter ride over New York. Experience of a lifetime, I say.

Finally went to Quebec.

I can’t believe it took me this long!!! I was welcomed like a queen and I gained five pounds, just like you should – the food is so good in Montreal!!! I already want to go back, it was fantastic, and it’s only one hour away from New York. I should totally take a helicopter to go there.

Finally went to Germany.

I mean, finally!!! It was great, and there again, everyone was so nice, and it was so beautiful, and so fun, and I ate so many sausages (yep, you have to honor the culture of the country you’re in!) and I already want to go back. Munich – amazing. Next time I’ll go to Berlin!

So, there you go, for now. Long live summer, and if you still have a little vacation left, please enjoy it for me. Send some photos. Finish all the rosé. Big kisses!

Oh yeah, so what about that Bucket Challenge?


* Like every September, New York Fashion Week is going to fall on us while we still have sand in our hair and we’ll have to put away our sarongs with a tear in our eyes.

** No one should be that happy about the possibility of changing their hair color.

Translated by Andrea Perdue