My mom wears shorts.

Like real shorts. Not bermudas. Shorts almost as short as my 20 years old sister’s, whose shorts are so short that sometimes you can’t really see them under her tee-shirts. All right, all right. Not that short. My mom is chic. And she wears her shorts on vacation.

But still.
I almost feel like I should revise my own shorts proportions.

Well of course she doesn’t wear them to go to work, and she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her knees – but anyways, even if that was the case, I have to tell you that whatever their age, I think people should dress the way they want.

To me, being vulgar or incongruous is more in the attitude than in the clothes.

You can be 20 and be super cute in super short shorts – but also super trashy. A mini can be worn at any age with distinction.

I liked seeing Carine Roitfeld in a crop top. She herself a grandma, she’s not scared of contradictions: she says that she chooses longer skirts now. But she goes along with a (discreet) cropped top.

To me, she’s helping us see mature women in a different way. It’s a new way to wear your age, a new freedom to be yourself, and to re-imagine the codes of fashion.

And that’s pretty perfect, because this winter, with the 60’s fashion* coming back, we’re all going to end up in short skirts, whether we like it or not.

What do you think? Do you feel free to wear whatever you want? Do you ask yourself about what’s appropriate to wear for your age?

* Oooooooh, nooooooo, the 60’s fashion is back AGAIN!!! Each time it’s back I want to throw all the editorials with wannabe Twiggy in geometrical poses out the window.