Like Garance, I’ve always wanted any other hair color than the brown that sits on my head. This has resulted in experiments with highlights (remember those ones you would do at home and pull through the cap? Yeah, I did that), ombré and all over color.

In the summer, I always get extra jealous of my blonde haired friends whose hair gets even lighter in the sun, while my hair just gets… hot. I’ve always stayed pretty far away from summer hair lighteners, like Sun-In, for fear I’d walk away from the beach with carrot orange locks (it contains Hydrogen Peroxide). But this summer, my blonde hair envy has reached new heights.

I asked Carolyn from the Studio (who has really pretty much perfect blonde hair) for her secret to summery platinum strands and she said it’s all about the lemon juice. She uses half of a fresh lemon and squeezes it all over her hair before she hits the beach. But be careful, because lemon can dry out your locks, so be sure you’re using a moisturizing conditioner or try a weekly hair mask (Carolyn likes this one from Fekkai).

Do you have a summer hair secret?