It’s summer. Real summer. It’s hot out. The days are long and you can be lazy without having to make any excuses. I love it, I love it. Plus, it’s the Fourth of July this week, which means it’s a vacation week in the US. Only Friday, but it (finally!) feels like time is slowing down.

Here are a few of the things I like to do in the summer…

– Imagine that summer is forever.

– Use oil everywhere. Yep, in the summer, I switch and use oils for everything. I put oil in my hair, on my body, on my nails, everywhere. All that matters is that it makes my skin feel like satin and makes me feel like I’m on vacation. So they have to smell like summer.

Right now, I’m using three kinds :

Darphin Huile Nourrissante Toucher Satin for the body.
L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil for my hair.
NARS Monoi for everything else.

– Eat fruit all day.

– Walk around my neighborhood after work. With a friend, or with my man, walking around the Village at the end of the day is amazing. We sit on the steps of a brownstone, spend hours chatting, it’s soooo nice.

– Drink rosé. Just because rosé proves it’s summer (the rest of the time, I prefer red wine).

– Make new friends. It’s strange how people relax in the summer. They’re more open, they take their time. It would be so nice if it were like that all the time.

– Go around with a huge bag and never take anything out of it and end up finding weird things in it at the end of the year like sand, toothpaste, a telephone number with no name, a pair of panties, etc. End up with hernia.

– Rotate between about five outfits: three “daytime”, one “evening”, one “beach”. That’s it. Relax about my wardrobe.

– Spend the summer checking the summer sales.

– Sleep all day with the window open, telling myself: “Aaaah it’s so pretty out…I’ll just stay in one more hour…”

– Make huge plans for back to school, as if September were a faraway land full of promise.

– Keep wearing the same sandals as in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. Think about all the memories of vacations I’ve gone on with them (even the time when my bottle of monoi oil spilled all over them – and my sandals absorbed ALL of it, protecting my clothes from catastrophe and giving my sandals a deep hydrating treatment that made them look great. Ok, so maybe they changed color, so what?) (ok yeah, that’s the downside of oils).

Freak out about having to wear a swimming suit again Ah no, sorry, I just don’t like it. Not in the list.

– Wake up with the sun, around 6:30, take my time eating breakfast and still have time left before starting my day.

– Drink some beer on account of this is the World Cup.

– Love the sun, but walk in the shade.

– Get my watercolors and notebooks out. Dry flowers in them. Paint in them and write down all my big after-summer plans.

– Read.

– Make lists.

– Daydream.

– Go on vacation!!!

… This summer, I’m going on a tour through Italy, Greece, and Spain. I can’t wait!!! What are you doing this summer? Do you have any plans?

Translated by Andrea Perdue