“You’ll never be a foot model.”

B’scuse me?!!

A podiatrist said that to me in high school. His remarks instantly dashed my non-existent dreams of becoming a a model and left me wondering: what is so wrong with my feet?

Thankfully, I didn’t get a foot complex (I did get a new podiatrist…) but it did make me start thinking about what makes a beautiful, model-worthy, foot?

We’ve already talked about our heels, since they came into the spotlight (maybe resulting in some heel anxiety) this season with all of those mules. Yet feet, for being so small in comparison to the rest of us, still can cause a lot of stress for some when it’s time to show them off (like right now, in the summer).

Some people hate their heels. Some people it’s the size (whether too big or too small) and most of us have a few things to say about our toes. We can’t talk about feet without talking about toes, right? Too long? They kind of look like fingers (mine, kind of). Too short and you might feel like a member of “The Flintstones.” Then there is that second toe, which is sometimes, longer than all of the other toes. I tell myself that means I’ll have lots of good luck and a long life…or something.

Did you know about foot cosmetic surgery? A Google search top result is a toe-shortening service in Manhattan along with a link to an article about “Cinderella Foot Surgery.”


What’s that? It ranges from a foot facelift to toe tucks and the newest trend: toebesity surgery. That’s a slimming of “fat toes” using liposuction (don’t Google this, trust). I guess some people really don’t like their feet…

When it comes to my feet, I don’t hate them (you won’t see me signing up for a foot facelifts in the near future) and I like taking care of them. I’m big advocate of the at-home pedicure. It’s relatively easy to keep your feet presentable without making a trip to the spa. Here are a few of my tips:

– Get a good foot cream and make sure you use it. For extra dry feet, slather it on at night and slip on a pair of socks. This really helps everything soak in. I like The Body Shop’s Hemp Foot Protector.
– A nail brush is another necessity, use it in the shower with a good exfoliating scrub and go to town. Put that same exfoliator on your pumice stone to get rid of those dry, rough patches.
– I’d be completely lost without my toe separators (if you don’t have a set, put cotton balls between toe when painting them) because my pinky toe basically hides behind all my other toes, which results in a lot of smudged paint jobs.
– And just like with your nails, use a good base and top coat to make your pedicure last. I’m totally guilty of doing spot touch-ups on my toes when they start to chip. Instead of layering on the polish, invest in one of these, so you can easily take the polish off and do a fresh coat when you need it.

What do you think makes a beautiful foot? Do you have a good luck toe? How do you take care of your feet? Would you ever get foot surgery?