My sister came to visit me in New York last week.

To give you an idea of how happy I was, just before she arrived, I spent almost two hours glued to my couch watching her plane as it got closer and closer on the JFK flight map before finally hopping into a taxi to go wait for her at the airport.
Yes, I was REALLY excited.

My sister is the best of my best friends, she’s like some kind of supreme friend. We’re close to the same age, we know each other by heart and we totally understand each other (and burst out laughing) with just the blink of an eye.

Our lives are nothing alike (she is in Corsica, and I’m in New York) but we really get each other. Anyway, I’d better stop now before I start crying since I miss her so much now that’s she’s left ;)

When it comes to style, we started out with very, very different tastes.

She’s always had a very chic, feminine, pretty classic side to her – she loves beautiful jewelry, explained the Beauty of the Kelly to me and she’s been wearing Tod’s since the beginning of time.
I, on the other hand, was always more of the boyfriend jeans and Vans type, and I didn’t even start wearing makeup until a few years ago.

We’re completely different, but we’ve always talked a lot about our styles, and exchanged clothes (sometimes after lots and lots of negotiating) and little by little, our styles have grown together – she got a little more relaxed, and I got a little more sophisticated.

Here are a few photos of my favorite tourist in the whole world. I could talk to you about her for hours, but I’ll stop there, because I think you’ve already figured it out: I love her, I think she is amazing, and I adore her style.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.