Have you ever been sunbathing at the park?

In New York in the summer, parks are like real beaches. It’s so hot people throw themselves in the fountains. It’s cool, joyful and you can even buy popsicles, but I’d never do it (well that’s because I don’t sunbathe, so the only thing that would be left to me would be fountain bathing) – let’s just say I’ll wait for the beach.

That said, it’s an atmosphere we’ve wanted to capture on the blog for a long time… So, here is a park-beach trip with Caroline and Sarah.

Would you do it ?

On Caroline: Swimsuit, Melissa Odabash; Bracelets, Jennifer Fisher; Sunglasses, Stella McCartney; Bag, Samuji; Towel, Nine Space.
On Sarah: Swimsuit, J.Crew; Sunglasses, Oliver Peoples; Cuff, Vintage; Friendship Bracelet, Lucy Folk; Towel, Nine Space.