“Morning: I wash my face with Fresh Soy Cleanser. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones. I have really delicate skin and it’s the only one that doesn’t make my face break out. It’s really light, it’s easy to use, it smells really good. I’m really sensitive to smell as well. Then I use the Rodin Face Oil and I mix three drops of that with some kind of hyaluronic acid that I usually get at Whole Foods. Then I do a teeny bit of the Crème Ancienne from Fresh, I just kind of pat that in. I tend to not wear a ton of makeup in the summer.

I comb my eyebrows and fill them in with a little bit of powder, I use some MAC dark brown eyeshadow. I have really dark eyebrows for having light hair. I got really into tweezing my eyebrows in the 90s like Drew Barrymore, so… thanks Drew for making all of us tweeze our eyebrows into nothing!

I like the RMS concealer, the ones in the little pots, those are great to pat in when you have a blemish. They also have a cream eyeshadow in Lunar, it’s kind of irridescient. I like to pat that on to the top of my cheekbones for a little bit of shimmer. RMS is my new found obsession.

As far as my hair, I was really surprised that this pink worked out as well as it did. I went to this place in Greenpoint called The Paint Box. This girl Jenny is amazing. I noticed that I was able to wear less makeup once I did the pink. It really brightened my face up and now I don’t really need to do as much to it.

I try to let it air dry as much as possible, I do a little salt spray and a little bit of dry shampoo. People always say that they love Klorane and I love it too. I always used the one with oat milk in it but then I found another one with nettle, it has a green cap. I like that one better. The nettle one is for oily hair. I make my own salt spray. I do one part salt, two parts water and the tiniest bit of whatever leave-in conditioner I have laying around. I shake it up and spray it in, it works. I don’t use a lot of it. If I do dry my hair, I dry it until it’s 70 percent dry and then spray salt water, shake it around and it’s done.

It’s pretty high maintenance to look low maintenance. I use a lot of products. I do more of the skin care as makeup philosophy. My mom blessed me with really nice genes, she looks really young for her age. She’s Italian so she has really great skin.

Day: I always have Aesop hand cream. My hands get really dry because I wash them a ton. Ironically, I hate when the smell like metal and I work with metal all day so I’m always washing my hands. My friend just brought me back one of the Vaseline tins from London. It’s tinted. It’s like the Rosebud Salve. You can only get it in the UK I think. Really sheer, really nicely tinted.

Night: I do the same thing as in the morning. At night, I try to spend a little more time decompressing in the bathroom. I try to mellow out, give myself a little bit more of a face massage when I’m rubbing the cream in.”

Caroline Ventura, designer of BRVTVS