There are some words that really, really get on my nerves.
Especially ones that are used to label, minimize, or condescend, and basically, any time words are used to put kind of an ugly label on things when it’s just not necessary.
For example…


“Oh, she’s such a princess.”
Hearing a guy say that gives me the chills. I can’t even really explain why.


It was already kind of lame back when it was just used to describe women who were attracted to younger men, but it’s even worse now that it’s used for (pretty much) Any Woman Over Forty.

It’s annoying because it categorizes women in a way that no one ever does with men, who we continue to find sexy at any age, no matter how old their partner is.

Yesterday, I went to see Edge Of Tomorrow (this way you know you shouldn’t bother going to see it even if Tom Cruise is pretty funny at the beginning which is a nice suprise) and [spoiler alert] [Ok, I mean, it’s not like we didn’t see it coming] Emily Blunt (31) and Tom Cruise (51) make out in the movie and no one raises an eyebrow.

What would people have said if it were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Cougar!!! Argh.

Plus size

Ah, the infinite creativity it must take to not say it like it is.
I understand you can’t exactly open a “fat” section in the store, but the expression plus-size is just plus-annoying. I say curvy. Not much better, I know.


Even though I don’t really know what else to say when I want to talk about a girl who likes fashion, I never really liked the word fashionista (But I do like Fashionista with a capital F, the website) even worse now that it’s used in a way that’s not even funny anymore, all over the place and in the most condescending way possible: “Fashionista alert! Sample sale this weekend!” crrrrriiiinge.

So now the problem is — what to call a girl who likes fashion? Who knows.


Ok I admit I say it sometimes, but always as a joke, like – yo, bitch, but it depresses me anyway, for a reason that makes Alex burst out laughing every time: I love dogs, and therefore I love bitches.
I’m tired of people insulting them. They didn’t do anything!


I hate the way this word is used in the US. I’ve already talked to you about that here. But I guess something is lost in translation because my American friends seem super comfortable using the word vagina to describe their pussy [and they use the word vagina A LOT].

So I say pussy, the literal translation of the French word chatte, and everyone looks kind of shocked – I think it’s a super trashy word in the US.

Is she on her period or something?

Too true (and too painful)(I take Advil) to not be extremely annoying coming out of the mouth of a man who can’t understand. And even worse when it comes from a woman, who can understand.

Yes, I’m on my period. Shut up.

Kimye, Brangelina

Ok, maybe this doesn’t annoy me that much, actually. Compared to the expression above, it’s even kind of cute. Right? What do you think?


And all the words that go along with fashion-related hysteria that I commit myself way too often: “I’m dying for those shoes! Omg, dying!!!” “SO obsessed!!!” “Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf Goodman!!!” (um, really, you like shopping THAT much?)

Ok, fine. I know I say things like that every day. What? I never said I didn’t annoy myself, too!

So what about you? What words get on your nerves?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.