Note: This is not a post about a juice cleanse.

At the Studio, we just really like juice. Even more so in the summer. Sometimes I even pick juice over a iced coffee (hey, I said sometimes). They say it’s a trend but I don’t think it’s going any where anytime soon, which just means more juice for me…

Here are the ones we love!

At Le Pain: The Watermelon Cooler (only available in the summer) is a studio favorite, so we plan a lot of meetings at Le Pain once the weather gets warm. Watermelon, mint and cucumber. It’s seriously refreshing on a hot day. (Confession: I added vodka to it once. It was amazing.)

At The Butcher’s Daughter: This spot was conveniently located across the street from the Open Studio, so in three days we took in a lot of juice (and kale caesar salads). Get the Golden Hour, it’s Emily’s favorite.

At Organic Avenue: The Turmeric Tonic is Brie’s go-to when she starts to feel a little under the weather. The bottles are ideal for reusing if you like to make juice at home.

At Juice Press: I really only have this a few times a year, and it’s always backstage at Marc Jacobs. A signature juice perhaps? It’s green. And good.

At Liquiteria: The smoothies at Liquiteria make pretty good competition for the juices (there is a hangover smoothie after all). Carolyn recommends the All Greens with apple, lemon and ginger.

At Melvin’s Juice Bar: This place is Garance’s go to. She gets the Usain Bolt, but you already knew that!

Where are you grabbing juice? Make your own? Give me the recipe!

PS: Max is drinking the #02 from The Butcher’s Daughter and her shirt is Equipment!