When it comes to summer maintenance beauty… the bikini line is little bit of a hairy topic.

Okay sorry, sorry!! I couldn’t resist! But really.

Remember that scene in the Sex and the City movie, where Samantha is appalled at Miranda’s lack of care in that region while on Carrie’s “honeymoon” in Mexico? Samantha says to Miranda, upon sight of her bikini line, “Jesus honey, wax much?”

I always think of that scene when swimsuit season rolls around. Now, what you do with what is under your bikini is one thing (remember what Cameron said?), but I’m talking about just your bikini line area. We go months without thinking about it and suddenly, it hits 90 degrees and it’s becomes the center of attention.

Here at the Studio, we have tried every approach to bikini maintenance and here is what we think…

Disclaimer: It might get a little graphic down below ;)

Wax: I’ve been getting Brazilian waxes religiously every three weeks for just over a year now and I do it year round. Before that I had always shaved, but would get annoying rashes/the hair would grow back too quickly/I didn’t like how scratchy it was, all of that. I have to admit though, that I hate the pain of waxing. I have really strong hair down there (or so the estheticians always tell me), so I’m always red for several hours afterwards, and on a few occasions I’ve even experienced bruising. After 24 hours though, having smooth skin with no hair for a good two and a half weeks makes it worth it for me. – Carolyn

Shaving: IIf my legs are any indication of what the situation is like down there… I have three words to help the visual: thick, dark, fast. I’m Italian. I wax occasionally but having to wait 3-4 weeks for everything to grow in before I go for my next wax is impossible if I plan on getting in a bathing suit. So during summer months I resort to shaving. It hurts, every once in a while there’s an ingrown or some razor burn, but with the rate my hair grows back in (overnight) I don’t have much of an option. – Emily

Laser: My friend told me about getting laser for, well, down there, nearly 5 years ago. She said she’d been doing it for a long time and loves it, more than waxing and shaving combined. My hair grows wicked fast so shaving is annoying and my tolerance for pain is mild but not strong enough for a wax. With laser (thank you Groupon!) you go every 2 weeks for about 8 weeks and you’re pretty much set for the summer. The key is in the planning, since you have to space out treatments. If you’re doing it to get ready for summer, start early. – Brie

Laser + Shaving: I did laser a long time ago and it worked super extra wonders. I’m pale with dark hair so I’m the perfect target for it. It literally changed my life because my hair would rebel against any type of waxing or epilating and I would spend the summer ashamed of the red spots the ingrown hairs would create. It never happen again with laser.

Of course, after a few years, it started growing back sparsely (but very little actually) and for these few lost causes, I just shave. But believe me: as soon as I have time I’ll go laser them again. Actually, I’d like to laser my own body. Just kidding. But my legs and my underarms ? Hell YES. – Garance

A little bit of everything (except laser): I’ve tried almost everything. I used to get waxes, but my skin is ultra sensitive, so the results were less than stellar– if anyone has tips on a good wax for super sensitive, let me know! Shaving irritates me as well (gosh, I’m high maintenance) but luckily, I have pretty minimal/fine hair in that area. When necessary, I grab my tweezers… – Alex

What do you do? Nothing? Everything? Does your routine change for summer?

Also, has anyone tried the at home laser (we haven’t tried it yet)? Is it safe?

PS: These bikini bottoms are by Mikoh!